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By: L&l Kiln Mfg  11-11-2011

..exacting heatwork, tailspin descents, and long holds at 2000°F.

After years of searching, I realized that the only kiln that could meet my needs would be one built to exceed them.

In the JD18-JH, L&L's new Quad Element Holder Design joins a 2500F rated variable-thickness shell, platinum thermocouples, and heavy 12 gauge elements, to create the perfect kiln for tempering amperage with accuracy. It takes the heat, then beats it down with down-ramps that leave cones on target.

It has the power to soar through challenging firing schedules with efficiency, speed, and thermal equilibrium; but it won't turn a cone 10 into a cone 12.. unless of course I want it to.

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The eQuad-Pro Series features L&L’s new Quad element system with four rows of elements per 9” section and very heavy gauge elements, DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone Control, extra power with branch fusing for high production work, type K 8 gauge thermocouples with ceramic protection tubes.