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By: The Family Cares  05-31-2011
Keywords: Bible Studies, Spiritual Books, Devotional Books

the Activated Magazine, a monthly 16 page magazine. Just articles feeding your soul. Terrific! Books: Bible Basics: ISBN-13 978-3-905332-00-1 Keys to Happier Living (Bible Basics Volume 2) ISBN-13 978-3-905332-01-8 Inspirational Desktop Calendars: Mottos for Success No. 1 ISBN-13 978-3-905332-57-5 Mottos for Success No. 2 ISBN-13 978-3-03730-087-9 Mottos for Success No. 3 ISBN-13 978-3-03730-367-2 Mottos for Success No. 4 ISBN-13 978-3-03730-531-7 Countdown to Armageddon (Endtime DVD) EAN 76-4010886-391-1 The Future Foretold: ISBN-13 978-3-03730-324-5 The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist: ISBN-13 978-3-03730-191-3 for children: Jesus and Me ISBN-13 978-3-03730-161-6 Jesus en ek (Jesus and Me, Afrikaans) ISBN-13 978-3-03730-368-9 The STEPS Curriculum: Character Building ISBN-13 978-3-03730-145-6 A life-skills curriculum. Two full kits, available together or separately: Foundations of Faith and Character Building The STEPS Curriculum: Foundations of Faith ISBN-13 978-3-03730-144-9 Personal development study curriculum. Christian principles presented within scenarios that are relatable to children. Subjects include: Easter, faith, prayer, protection. and many more - please visit our web site

Keywords: Bible Studies, Devotional Books, Spiritual Books,