Geyser Blanket

By: Home Insulations  03-22-2013
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A geyser blanket is basically another layer of thermal insulation designed to be wrapped around your geyser. Most geyser blankets available consist of a 50mm layer of fiber glass insulation, but the thicker the geyser blanket the better. We prefer to install 100mm geyser blankets. It is the geyser blankets job to reduce the rate of the water cooling within the geyser. The good news is that geyser blankets are relatively inexpensive. Water in your geyser is constantly being reheated, if your geyser is not insulated properly, with a noticeable increase in your daily electricity usage. Geysers are known for their high energy consumption, and are responsible for more than half of a household’s monthly electricity bill. Geysers alone use about 45% of your homes monthly electricity bill and geyser inlet and outlet pipes are responsible for around 13% of the cost. Installing a geyser blanket and insulating your hot water pipes with think pink aerolite or isotherm insulation is an efficient solution is to minimize thermal energy loss. We have different kinds of geyser blankets depending on what you are looking for. If your geyser is in the roof, a layer of 100mm think pink aerolite or isotherm is what we recommend. For geysers that are outdoors or exposed to the elements, you need a geyser blanket with an outer layer of foil to protect the insulation, in these case’s we suggest a sisalation or alububble geyser blanket with your choice of either aerolite or isotherm on the interior.

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