Renewable energy sources.

By: Renewable Energy Source  07-03-2013
Keywords: Air Compressors, sterilisation, Bottling Plants

Specialist in renewable energy sources. Why waste your steam, use it to generate your own electricity. Why waste your effluent water, recover and use for something else. Why use geysers when your screw compressor can give you hot water. Use your borehole to generate electricity for you through hydro electricity generation. How do we do it??? The objective of an efficiency assessment is to build a greater understanding of how energy is used within a company and to identify ways to reduce costs through the more efficient use of energy. It involves the comprehensive analysis of energy use within a process, facility, or organisation and using that analysis to identify and evaluate ways to improve energy performance. Like air compressors, when dryers run at partial loading, the specific power of a dryer increase, reducing the efficiency of the treatment system. This effect can be seen if the CAGI data is analysed for a given size of air dryer. For example, a 1000 scfm unit using a hot gas bypass system to control its drying capacity might start off at a specific power of 0.7 kW/100 scfm, but have its specific power fall to 5.36 kW/100 scfm at 10% loading. A thermal mass style of dryer, on the other hand, may start out at 0.73 kW and have a less pronounce efficiency decrease at lighter loads, with a final specific power of 1.67 kW/100 scfm at 10% loading. What do we specialise in???? LP compressors HP compressors Steam turbines Hydro electricity generation Bottling Plants Injection blow moulding Sterilisation Energy recovery

Keywords: Air Blowers, Air Compressors, Bottling Plants, Effluent recovery, Energy Recovery, Hydro electricity generation, Injection Blow Moulding, Steam Turbines, sterilisation,

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