E.O.D.R Tank Calibration

E.O.D.R Tank Calibration from Kalibra International

By: Kalibra International  02-23-2011
Keywords: Tank Calibration


A first for Tank Calibration

Electro-Optical Distance Ranging (EODR)


Strapping – Optical reference line – Optical triangulation


Measurement by laser precision technology


facilitates the measurement and calibration of storage tanks by using

ISO 7507-4 & ANSI/API MP MS 2.2D

The latest

Kalibra software generates a 3D model of the storage tank. In turn

incremental volume capacity tables are calculated.

• Safer working conditions: no more scaffolding, our engineers operate from a central point on ground level
• Accuracy: 5 times more accurate than before with the smallest attainable uncertainty (best accuracy) up to +/- 0.02% of volume
• Less manpower: No more than 2 engineers complete the work within a few hours where previously 2 to 3 engineers required up to 3 days
• Onsite tank charts: The EODR software provides for the creation of preliminary tank charts on site
• Volume corrections: for deadwood, liquid head stress (hydrostatic pressure), and tank wall temperature ; increase the overall accuracy of the tank table
• External: calibrations can be done from the outside of the tank with same detail and accuracy without interruption of operations

Keywords: Tank Calibration

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