By: Easy Solar  11-11-2011
Keywords: solar water heating

There are so many different Solar Water Heating  as well as Solar power systems and related solar products  on the  market, but not all of them will fit your requirements. Some solar systems are ridiculously overpriced; some of them are made in a back yard and is of a very poor quality. We do not think you want to have such a product in your household.

All our solar water heating systems (many different models and sizes) are based on the new innovative advanced solar water heating technology called Evacuated Tubes Solar Water Heating Technology.

Solar power systems  offered to you are built with theworld’s best PV (photovoltaic) panels made  by Sanyo and Shell production plants, with 25 years warranty, as well as electronics for power systems are locally made with  life time warranty. 

All of our complete solar water heating;  power systems and related solar products such as deep well pumps, torches and chargers are especially designed for the African climate and water conditions and are carefully chosen by our technical specialists from the  best  production companies worldwide and will meet all your requirements.                     

Keywords: solar water heating