Sudfloc 3870

By: DKM Water Solutions  02-10-2011
Keywords: Chemicals, Water Treatment, Water Purification

Product name: Sudfloc 3870
Substance/Preparation: Coagulent/Coagulent aid Type


SUDFLOC 3870 is a highly charged liquid cationic polyelectrolyte. This product may be applied as a primary coagulant or coagulant aid in potable, industrial and wastewater treatment applications, This product conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 60 - Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects. Maximum Use: 143 mg/l

Flocculants, or flocculating agents (also known as flocking agents), are chemicals that promote flocculation by causing and other suspended particles in liquids to aggregate, forming a floc. Flocculants are used in water treatment processes to improve the sedimentation or filterability of small particles. For example, a flocculant may be used in or filtration to aid removal of microscopic particles which would otherwise cause the to be (cloudy) and which would be difficult or impossible to remove by filtration alone.

Flocculation and sedimentation are widely employed in the of as well as , stormwater treatment and treatment of other industrial wastewater streams.

Keywords: Chemicals, Cleaning Chemicals, Drinking Water, Water Purification, Water Treatment