Sodium Hypochlorite

By: DKM Water Solutions  02-10-2011
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Sodium hypochloriteis a with the NaClO. Sodium hypochlorite solution, commonly known as , is frequently used as a or a bleaching agent.


Trade name: Sodium Hypochlorite
Chemical Family: Inorganic Hypochlorite
Chemical name: Formulated Chemical
Product use: Javel water, household bleach
Colour: Clear/Yellow
Odour: Intense Pungent Odour of Chlorine
Appearance: - Liquid Free from particles and sediment

For of wells or water systems, a 3% solution of household bleach is used. For larger systems, sodium hypochlorite is more practical because lower rates can be used. The alkalinity of the sodium hypochlorite solution also causes the precipitation of minerals such as calcium carbonate, so that the shock chlorination is often accompanied by a clogging effect. The precipitate also preserves bacteria, making this practice somewhat less effective.

Sodium hypochlorite has been used for the disinfection of drinking water. A concentration equivalent to about 1 liter of household bleach per 4000 liters of water is used. The exact amount required depends on the water chemistry, temperature, contact time, and presence or absence of sediment. In large-scale applications, residual chlorine is measured to titrate the proper dosing rate.

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