By: Vps Durban  11-11-2011
Keywords: Paint Protection, Paint Protection Film

VPS Paint Protection Film has been a trusted brand in the South African automotive industry for the past 5 years, and has a proven record of protecting high performance cars from gravel rash when travelling at (illegally) high speeds.
This product has been used in the Aviation industry in the USA since 1993, and has now recently been given approval by the SACAA for protection of leading edge surfaces on light aircraft, in particular on the wings, tailplane, lift struts, landing gear cuffs and wheel spats.
VPS uses a 3M ® clear, high gloss polyurethane film of 150 micron, which is applied to surfaces and held in place by a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Once applied the product is all but invisible, and only under the closest scrutiny will it be noticed. The film may be removed at any time, but this should not normally be necessary as the product carries a 5 year warranty against cracking, peeling and bubbling. The film can be applied to any painted surface, as well as aluminium, stainless steel and polycarbonates.
Application technique is similar to that of applying a large sticker, but far greater care must be taken to ensure the final finish is free from bubbles, creases and dust. The film can only be applied by specially trained personnel working under the auspices of an authorised AMO and is currently available in KZN from Comair Natal (Pty) Ltd at Virginia Airport .

Keywords: Paint Protection, Paint Protection Film

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