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Travel Agent from Shisa Travel & Tours

By: Shisa Travel & Tours  12-23-2009

   Background Shisa Travel and Tours was conceptualised by two dynamic women turning adversity into opportunity. With a joint experience of over 10 years in the hospitality and travel industry, Sumayyah Amod and Meg Pillay faced a daunting future when they were retrenched from a major Travel and Accommodation company. But with a ‘never say die’ attitude, formed Shisa Travel and Tours.

Experience Sumayyah Amod: With my 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry (Timeshare, Hotel, Central reservations) with both local and international guests, have taught  me to meet the travellers needs,   be it business or pleasure. Therefore I am fully capable to organize any travel plans to meet the expectations of the traveller.                      “SO PUT ME TO THE TEST”

Meg Pillay: Over my 10years of experience in the hotel industry has thought me to interact with all races, cultures and local and foreign travelers. I have accommodated and met the needs of both individuals and group bookings. The hospitality industry has strengthened me with knowledge of what a traveller needs.                                            “SO PUT US TO THE TEST”

 Core Service Shisa Travel and Tours will be primarily focusing on the local travel economy and giving exposure to the exceptional travel destinations found in and around South Africa. We will cater for foreign and local tourists and corporate business people that want to experience the beauty and splendor around South Africa. Allow us to arrange your  business trip be it teambuilding or individual travel. We will arrange everything from flights, accommodation , tours and transfers and with our motto of exceptional service, our clients can rest assured that their interest will be our paramount focus. Added Benefits : We have already started talks with overseas travel companies with whom Shisa Travel and Tours will partner to facilitate overseas travel of South Africans. We are therefore a ‘total package’ company customizing to the needs of our clients.