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By: Shanela  11-11-2011
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The SCHWARZE range of Sweepers

As agents for Schwarze Industries Australia Inc. we are the sole Agent for Schwarze in Africa.

The Schwarze range of sweepers uses the patented WHISPERWHEEL system. This means Re-Generative air. In simple terms high pressure air is recycled, resulting in very little dust emission from the sweeping process. Our system has also resulted in a 73% reduction in noise levels during the sweep process. No exotic materials are used in the manufacture of our sweepers and most parts used are available off the shelf. Mounted on the Isuzu or Toyota Hino truck chassis, this sweeper is ideal for our conditions. The sweep engines are the universally acclaimed Detroit World Series Turbo diesels. Our gutter brooms, with a diameter of 1 metre are the largest in the industry. This gives us a sweep path of just over 3 metres with both brooms deployed. Every Schwarze sweeper is purpose hand built for each individual customer, with a wide range of optional extras available to make your sweep experience easier every step of the way.

This unit is very popular. Mounted on the Isuzu NPR 350 chassis, powered by an ample 4,7 litre Direct Injection engine, the A4000 has a stainless steel hopper with 3.0 cubic metre capacity. It is a high dump unit whichmeans the hopper can be emptied directly into waste skips at a height of 1,7 metres at 88º.

This is also a popular unit, being a bigger version of the A4000 with a 4.0 cubic metre hopper. Main sweep head width is the same at 2032 mm. Tilt angle of the hopper is also 88º. This unit is mounted on the soon to be released Isuzu FSR80 chassis, replacing the popular FRR 500 used to date.

With a 6.0 cubic metre stainless steel hopper, mounted inthe Isuzu chassis, this is a low dump unit and is very popular with Councils and road construction companies. These units are also in extensive use around the world as Airport runway sweepers.

This concept is to eliminate the need for an expensive dedicated chassis to hold the sweeper unit. This slide in or trailer mount unit is a top choice for entry level sweeping contractors. They are ideal for car parks, recreational facilities and other agencies not wanting the expense of a dedicated sweeper. Standard equipment includes a Robin petrol engine to power the sweeper, with a 20 litre fuel tank. The debris hopper is 1,53m cubic metre made from abrasion resistant polyethylene. Suction is provided by a 6 blade radial fan ( 50cm diameter) which runs at 3600 rpm. A simple manual crank allows the unit to be placed on the bakkie or removed. The unit has 4 stands (one at each corner). Dust suppression is provided with water sprays, supplied by a 95 litre tank. Width of the unit is 1981mm. Curb weight is 1 ton.

The SCHWARZE A8500 High Speed Runway Sweeper

The SCHWARZE range of Road Patchers



Dust and debris from the hole with a high velocity blower to create a clean surface.


Asphalt emulsion is sprayed into and around the hole to seal the surface and create a binder for the repair.


Asphalt emulsion and aggregate are combined to create a high density repair, compacted from bottom p for superior quality and durability.


The repair is topped off with ggregate to allow immediate traffic on the surface.

The SCHWARZE SP-10 Spray Patcher

Optional vacuum features for especially wet or dirty potholes are available, as is a crack sealing wand and traffic arrow board. The hydraulic boom assures operator safety and comfort.

The SCHWARZE SP-550 Spray Patcher

This unit is the flagship of the Spray Patcher / Road Patcher series. It can be driven operated and controlled by ONE operator from inside the cab. This unit is best suited to larger roads and highways, especially in rural areas.

Keywords: Chassis, Sweeper

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Shanela Environmental Management - services

Sales of Schwarze Road Sweepers to sweep roads, freeways, airport runways etc. Shanela offers a variety of services in terms of precinct cleaning. Sales & Distribution of Schwarze Spray Patchers and Road Patchers. Manual or mechanical sweeping of pedestrian areas.