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By: Sabre Biometrics  11-11-2011
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  • Advanced NT OT Configuration: Our latest addition to Sabre, an overtime management function, lets you customise your normal and overtime hours, allowing you to allocate hours to any type of OT hours you wish to use, whether it be Normal Time (NT), Over Time 1 (OT1), Over Time 2 (OT2), Saturday (SAT), or Sunday (SUN).
  • Auto Shift Sensing: This feature works in real-time mode. When it detects a Clock-IN on the Clock Unit, it checks the list of shifts, and senses (within a threshold period) which shift it believes the employee is working. It then assigns the employee to that shift for that day, allocates him/her a duty, and (if set) can automatically insert a Clock-OUT at what time the employee is expected to leave. When the employee eventually clocks out, their actual Clock-OUT will replace the Clock-OUT that Sabre automatically inserted previously.
  • Daily E-mail: This feature works in conjunction with the Tracker utility. Tracker keeps a log of all the employees' most recent clockings. This information includes clock status(IN or OUT), date and time. At any specified time during the day, Sabre can send out an e-mail with the current log from the Tracker utility. This feature also supports multiple e-mail addresses.
  • T 'n A Wizard: The Time and Attendance Wizard is a new addition with the means to simplify the use of Sabre for calculating hours for payroll. Once all the desired parameters, rules and shifts have been configured, this wizard is all you then need to print reports / export to payroll. The wizard assists you in importing clockings from your biometric clock unit, amending missing clocking records, assigning shifts to employees, calculating hours, approving specific overtime, printing reports, exporting to VIP/Pastel, and calculating payroll using Sabre Payroll.

Keywords: Sabre

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