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By: Sabre Biometrics  11-11-2011

Antivirus and Content Security Solutions for Windows

MicroWorld Winsock Layer Technology (MWL):

Works on a unique and revolutionary technology called "MicroWorld Winsock Layer" (MWL), that scans/ blocks all unwanted Internet Threats at the Winsock Layer (Transport Layer) of the operating system, i.e. data is scanned much before it reaches the application or much before it is written on to the hard-disk.
MWL is unique and revolutionary because it combats threats before it reaches the application unlike other products that deal with the threat after it has already reached and processed by the application.
Technically, MWL is placed above the WinSock Layer of the operating system and acts as a "Transparent Gatekeeper", hence all data packet (traffic) coming on different TCP/IP ports like e-Mail, Attachments, Web, FTP, Chat, etc..that pass through the Winsock Layer of the Operating System, the same also passes through the MWL. Here, at the MWL the data undergoes numerous checks, for example - Objectionable Content, Attachment Blocking, Virus, Spyware, Adware, Spam, etc.., and once validated, only then given to the application for processing and also if required generates relevant notifications too.
MWL technology oversees all data packet (traffic) flowing to-and-from the Internet, thereby dynamically processing it without interfering with the application. Automatic compression and decompression of data, between the Internet and your computer helps maximize effective bandwidth usage is also provided by MWL.
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Non Intrusive Learning Patterns (NILP):

Non Intrusive Learning Patterns or NILP is an Advanced Anti-Spam Filtering technology that works on the principles of Artificial Intelligence which analyzes and filters out spam according to the Behavioral Patterns of the user. The mechanism learns on its own along with incorporating continuous feeds from MicroWorld’s Server, thereby making it the World’s most effective technology that eliminates Spam and Phishing.

Proactive Scan:

With this functionality added, any program (application) when executed (run) either manually or automatically and found to be suspicious in nature is stopped from execution, as a result preventing the program from infecting the system and network.

Automatic Incremental Compressed Updates:

The software is aptly supported with its definitions (database) being updated every hour to keep abreast of all the latest malware in the wild. These updates (virus, spam, other rule-sets) are downloaded and applied automatically in the background and the user is not disturbed at all, there is no manual intervention required at all.

Web Filter/ Parental Control:

eScan controls access to website be it children or other users (corporate) by checking the website rating with three well known web content filtering organizations, which are RSCA ( Recreational Software Advisory Council), ICRA (Internet Content Rating Association) and SafeSurf (SS~~ Rating Standard), these rate millions of websites depending on the content and its database is constantly updated.
These organizations rate websites based on different categories, for example - pornography, drugs, violence, chat, age, nudity, sex and so on.., and wherein each of these categories also have sub-levels which can be further customized either to be allowed or blocked access to.
* Parents/Administrators can define Blocked and Allowed category - To make it simple for users, there are pre-defined categories along with pre-defined keywords and websites. Parents/Administrators can define their own words, phrases and websites which they feel need to be blocked, they can also block Applets and Scripts of Java and VB.
* Parents/Administrator can define Time-Restricted Internet access - For example: Time restrictions can be defined so that the child/ user can access the Internet only between 13:00 to 14:00 hours, here the Day and Time can be defined per user.
* Parents/Administrator can also block access to the Internet completely - This enables and ensures that the child/user does not use Internet at all.
* Parents/Administrator can also Block Images, Audio and Video - This ensures that the child/user does not download unnecessary audio and video files and view obscene images.

End Point Security:

Application Blocking:
eScan has been equipped with a very important function that can block a application and its usage on a system and network. For example: Parents/Administrators can define blocking of MSN and Yahoo Messenger on the system and network, so, even if a child/user tries to access these programs, it would be blocked. This function also helps in blocking unauthorized users from installing new unwanted and unauthorized application on the system and network.
eScan offers multiple categories by which applications can be blocked, like –
a) Computer Games b) Instant Messengers c) Music Video Players d). P2P Applications and it can be further customized to block any other application as per need and per user.
b. USB Control/ Data Theft Protection:
eScan’s real-time and on- demand scans prevents data theft from online worm, spyware, adware, keylogger, but in addition to all this, it also prevents any manual (physical) data theft from a USB port, thereby offering a complete control over the USB ports. For example: if an unauthorized person inserts a pen drive into a USB port, the person cannot steal any data unless authorized or even if the user is away, no other person can access and steal data on to a pen drive. There are
different options available within, like a password protection, read only access, disable auto-play and even white-listing a pen drive.
c. Registry Monitoring and Control:
This function is a proactive approach in protecting the system and network from unwanted suspicious malware like worm, spyware, keylogger, etc…from execution. If a suspicious program tries to execute (run) and tamper the Windows System Registry, eScan's registry monitoring module would proactively block and alert the user of such activity. The registry keys can be defined that need to be checked alongwith whitelisting of the applications.


The firewall enhances the functionality of eScan, by detecting and protecting the system and network from attacks that not only originate from the external network (internet) but also the internal network (intranet). It scans for incoming and outgoing traffic and helps in limiting and controlling the infection in case if any to a particular system (isolation), thus preventing the propagation to other computers on the network.

Web Washer/ Privacy Control:

This feature is an excellent add-on that helps to *automatically* flush/delete all unwanted files from the system, it helps in protecting user’s identity, user’s privacy on the internet, fine tuning of the system, etc. The user/ administrator can selectively clear the Temporary Internet Folder, Cache, Cookies, ActiveX, Plug-Ins, History, Recycle Bin, Recent Open documents, others files of MS-Office, Windows Temporary Files and other software remnants automatically.

Compression/ Decompression:

Outgoing attachments can be automatically compressed thus making effective use of the internet bandwidth, likewise Incoming attachments can be decompressed thus discounting the need for an unzipping tool or utility.

Backup of all e-Mails & Attachments:

Central Management Console with Graphical Reports:

The eScan Corporate edition for networked computers has a Central Management Console, It helps in remote deploying, installing, updating, upgrading eScan, uninstalling any existing antivirus software, deploying various security policies, deploying licenses, etc…among many other useful functions. Asset Management, through which the administrator can know precisely of what each or all systems comprise of, i.e. what software and hardware is installed, helps in controlling misuse of licenses, having a total control on the network components aiding in
conducting Audit and Inventory Management and Control.

History / Reports:

Web Registration and Activation:


a. Password Protection:
The software can be password protected so that no user can change/alter any settings of it, and without access to the password, the user cannot even uninstall it, so, even if a user tries to uninstall using the control panel - add/remove programs, still it will prompt for the password.
b. Send Debug Information:
The software has an in-built debugging tool, through which a zip file gets automatically created within the installed folder of eScan, and also emailed to the support department for analysis. The zip file contains all important data files like the configuration, logs of the software, etc.. that enable the technical support department to diagnose and analyze the problem being faced if any with and due to the software and revert back quickly with the solution to the same.
c. Download Latest HOTFIX:
The software can automatically also download the latest hotfix (patch) available to overcome any queries that may have risen and reported earlier and help resolve queries.
d. Restore Windows Default Settings:
This option helps to restore (rollback) the settings that may have been changed due to malware infection.
Any assistance on the working knowledge of a particular feature/ function can be accessed by pressing F1 (on the keyboard) on that particular feature/function.

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