Psychic Spiritual Emotional Counseling

By: OurHumanDesign  12-06-2016
Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing, Holistic Healing

It is a 1 hour live Intuitive, Psychic, telephonic consultation, reading via Skype call or video This Consultation is made via a message request, we discuss what time and when it is appropriate within 24 hours. The consult or Reading consists of the following: I am a Soul Guide and I do a psychic empathic reading to connect with you, where I will look at your life purpose, I will look at your Soul’s Karmic cycles that might hinder you in your present position – I will help you to clear the past karmic blockages with various techniques. We will look at your distresses, your obstacles your blind spots, things that confuse you, cycles that could be blocking you from moving forward. We can break these down and reduce the emotional inflammation on a psychic level. I use Intuitive guidance from what I sense from you, Opening my higher consciousness and connecting to your higher consciousness , this is a transcending ability that supersedes all technical devices, so even if we are using electronics, these devices are only doorways our psychic energies are infinitely powerful and are made up of vibrations that cross over all matter. I will look at your Soul’s life lessons and come up with unique solutions; these will be the tools that you will use to further better your journey. The object is to learn from these experiences, to take responsibility for your thought processes. I will teach you how to train your thoughts intuitively in a creative way to influence your life in a positive way. Thoughts are built up by repetition and a mental shift takes place and within weeks you will feel a difference. This not an instant solution because life is not an instant process all be it that we live in an instant take away society, life is sacred and it takes time for intuitive creativity to set in, The process depends on you, Life is unique. As you change your thoughts, so your beliefs will change, so your reality will change with you. These solutions are uniquely tailored to your energy development and I would advise that you keep a notepad and pen close by during our Reading Time. We ask advice on what we can do to change ourselves for the better, instead of expecting it to do the work for us. While we don’t believe you need any special magic powers to be able to read the tarot, sometimes it takes a stranger, a third party, to relay these messages to you for it to really sink in. After all, we struggle to take our own advice, even if the cards in our hands were what gave it to us. The same applies to our wonderful clients, and that’s what we hope to give them.

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