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Network Telex  Durban – The Home of African Maritime from Network Telex

By: Network Telex  10-19-2010
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Network Telex Group is a Global Provider of Message Services to and from Vessels


e-telexenables your staff to send a normal email that will be securely delivered by satellite, instantly to the Captains on board equipment. Our Service will “Ocean Hunt” so that we will automatically find the vessel 24 x7, even if your staff are unsure as to its exact ocean location. 

Upon sending, you would receive a SENT or FAILED email receipt, if failed you would need to check your message for user error, or check that the number of the vessel is valid.  FAILED is free of charge, so that you may check for the error and re send the message to simply try again. 

The SENT receipt by email, includes a “legal document copy” of what the Captain actually received. This is full legal proof of sending and receiving and could be printed for secure records. 

The SENT receipt also includes the message duration in minutes + seconds

As you would be aware of cost per minute this duration x the cost / min = Total cost of the message. So you may instantly charge the call back to your customer with whatever profit margins you choose. 


e-shipenables your Company to send an email directly to the Captains on board email systems, without your need for expensive annual service charges / account registrations or equipment. 

e-smsenables your Company to send SMS to any cell phone worldwide instantly. 


e-telegram enables your Company to send an email that will be automatically formatted and delivered as a letter to any postal address in the world. An excellent tool for local HR issues / Debt Collection / Staff Notices as well as a very fast International notice delivery to Ports / crews and vessel owners managers

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