By: Entropy Group  02-01-2016
Keywords: recruitment, Payroll, Labour Law

Services Legal Compliance Putting first things first, let us begin by assessing the workplace and addressing shortfalls in terms of legal requirements:  Notice board (Legislation, Disciplinary Code and grievance procedure, work hours and clocking procedure etc)  Employment contracts  Job description and objectives (hierarchy and communication channels)  Conditions of employment  OHS  COID  UIF  Leave absence policy Organisation Design Management cannot be visually supervising every employee all the time.  Checks and balances that monitor productivity continuously, flagging bottle necks and disruptions that require managerial intervention  Ergonomic assessment and adjustment  Production continuation  Policies and procedure regarding quality control, acquisition and delivery for each workstation  Cleanliness and hygiene Training It is imperative that training is conducted on an ongoing basis and includes:  Orientation  Skills Audit  Accessing Skills Development Fund  On the job training  Off site training  Talent management  Career mapping  Personal growth  Wellness Performance Management  Appropriate poor performance intervention  Performance incentives  Disciplinary procedure  Conflict resolution Administrative Function  Payroll  Recruitment  Dismissals  Disciplinary hearings  Leave absence management  Recruitment

Keywords: CCMA CASES, Disciplinary Hearings, human resource, Labour Law, legal compliance, Payroll, recruitment, Training staff members