By: Cutimed Sorbact  11-11-2011

Comprilan compression bandage can only stretch to 90% or less than 1 times its length. Therefore it provides both consistent compression and high resistance to stretch to increase venous and lymphatic return. The combination of low resting and high working pressure allows Comprilan to be worn comfortably, safely, and effectively during rest and activity.

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An ointment dressing that ensures that the wound is not disturbed and helps maintain a moist environment that supports wound healing. The primary wound contact layer is made of smooth acetate fabric impregnated with non-medicated ointment on Eucerit basis. Cuticell is soothing and low-adherent, thus minimizing pain at dressing change.


Cutimed Hydro

Cutimed Hydro B is for light to moderately exuding, mainly chronic wounds, such as. Cutimed Hydro L is for dry to lightly exuding, mainly acute wounds, such as. Minor burns (superficial and partial thickness. Post-op protection of closed surgical sites.


Cutisorb Ultra

The combination of innovative materials and new manufactoring processes ensures high exudate levels can be rapidly absorbed, bound and retained by the dressing. As a result, Cutisorb Ultra provides a new level of wound care, particularly for highly exuduing wounds. In addition the risk of leakage is minimal, even under pressure.