Byosan - Unique terminal sanitiser concentrate

Byosan - Unique terminal sanitiser concentrate from Byotrol KZN

By: Byotrol KZN  11-03-2010
Keywords: Home Appliances, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning

Utilises a patented technology based upon the association of more than one biocide with a polymer material, the structure of which gives residual efficacy. Colourless, odourless Terminal Sanitiser with total active ingrdients Storage Product Compatibility Application Instructions Pack sizes Service < 10%.

Highly effective, rapid kill against full range of microorganisms. Long lasting and continues to work even after it dries. Food safe and non tainting when used as directed. Biodegradable in the environment or removed in the waste system sludge.

Upon dilution ideal for surface sanitation including: process equipment, preparation tables, soaking, tanks, silos and pipelines; conveyor and single / modular belt sanitizing for meat, poultry, fruit & vegetables. Ideal for use in traywash & crate washing where residual efficacy is advantageous. Demonstrates residual efficacy after rinsing and drying for extended periods. Has a broad spectrum kill, effective against bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and spores.

The product is suitable for use through various types of application equipment (spray, foam ,fog) as determined by your Byotrol Technician. Can be used as a terminal sanitiser or as part of your cleaning as you go protocol or between product runs or meal break times. Can be applied as a foam where visible signs of sanitizer coverage is paramount. Can also be used to prevent fungal, bacterial and algae growth in water systems.

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