Operations - operations

By: Blue Security  11-11-2011

 Welcome to Blue Operations! Whether it’s the monitoring of your alarm or an armed reaction call-out to investigate an incident, this is where it all happens.

We’re the guys who you’ll see when anything happens round your place – and we take pleasure in being the team that protects you and your home, because we take pride in our job.

So, what do we do around here? Well, as you know, this is where the calls come in and we get the order to race out to any alarms. We take our job seriously because we realise that the role we play is crucial – not only in ensuring your safety but also because your confidence in our ability to do our job is what it’s all about – trust. And being a company that’s based on trust and integrity, it’s important for us to feel that you have faith in us.

Our Armed Response division is manned by an elite force of Community Policing Officers (CPO’s), our “Boys in Blue”. The Boys are your eyes and ears, on the beat and always watchful over you and your property, because they’ve got your welfare at heart – after all, they’re all local boys who know the area like the back of their hands.

The Control Room is the hub of operations and is where we monitor your alarm signals around the clock. The practically unassailable facility is manned by skilled operators who diligently monitor alarm signals and coordinate the activities of reaction staff via a dedicated communications network. We conduct regular assessments of new and existing systems and are not afraid to put our neck out and warn clients when we notice potential system flaws that can be exploited by burglars.