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By: Umgeni  11-11-2011
Keywords: Drinking Water, Water Quality, Potable Water

Current Customers

Umgeni Water's current customers include the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, the Ilembe, Sisonke, Umgungundlovu and Ugu district municipalities and the uMsunduzi Metropolitan Municipality and Mngeni local municipalities, as well as numerous other customers, accounting for a total bulk water sales volume of 374 million kilolitres per annum. Umgeni Water serves the needs of 4.8 million people (Census 2001) in Durban, Pietermaritzburg and their surrounds.

Bulkwater & Waterwaste Perfomance

Umgeni Water's operational area comprises six management systems that operate effectively as management units, although the organisation maintains a regional perspective for optimal operational value.

The six management systems include:

  • Izintaba Umgungundlovu
  • Izintaba Sisonke
  • Ulwandle North Coast
  • Ulwandle Central Coast Nagle-Durban Heights
  • Ulwandle Central Coast Inanda-Wiggins-Shongweni
  • Ulwandle South Coast

Treated Water Sales

A total of 374 million kilolitres of treated water was sold during 2006/2007. The above figures represent the volume of water sold per Umgeni Water operational area, and represent treated water sales as a percent to customers.

Treated Water Sales in Kilolitres
Treated Water Sales per Customer

Catchment Water Quality

The water quality of rivers and dams in the Umgeni Water operational area is routinely assessed against Umgeni Water's, Water Quality Index, and the health of rivers for aquatic life is assessed against the South African Scoring System (SASS).

The quality of water in our rivers is satisfactory to good, with the exception of the middle reaches of the uMsunduzi River near to and downstream of Pietermaritzburg where poor water quality is evident due to the effects of urbanisation, such as leaking sewers and illegal industrial discharges.

The water quality of the dams is satisfactory to good, except for the EJ Smith Dam where water quality was unsatisfactory due to excessive algal counts and high total organic carbon concentrations as a result of poorly maintained sewerage in the Mzimayi Catchment.

The Biotic Index classifications for the rivers generally mirror those of the chemical quality, with lower scores in the urban areas due to the effects of pollution.

Potable water compliance

The nationally regulated SANS 241: 2001 specifications for physical, chemical and microbiological criteria for drinking water are used to assess the compliance of water produced at Umgeni Water's 14 water works, 26 offsite reservoirs and 25 reticulation sites.

The overall compliance for the bulk water works, based on tests conducted and weighted according to volume produced, was 99.99 percent. The historical water quality compliance measured against the SANS 241: 2001 specification for the water works for the current and past four years is shown below.

Although the number of tests in each category decreased slightly due to rationalisations, the high water quality with minimal numbers of non-compliant results has been maintained. Of a total of 44 553 tests conducted on water works finals, a mere seven results failed.

Historical Potable Water Quality Compliance with Statutory Standards

Wastewater Quality Compliance

Umgeni Water currently operates four wastewater works: Darvill, Ixopo, Howick and Albert Falls South and audits their effluent compliance, as well as that of the small Albert Falls North Works.

In July 2003, eThekwini Metropolitan assumed operation of the Hammarsdale Wastewater Works, while in June 2003, Umgeni Water commenced operating the Howick Wastewater Works under contract to the uMngeni Municipality. For effluent compliance, the Darvill and Howick wastewater works are auditedagainst the General standard and Special phosphate standard in conjunction with Exemption permits 2045B and 1877B respectively. The Ixopo and Albert Falls North and South works are audited against General Authorisation limits.

The combined waste water works effluent compliance for the current year and for the past four reporting periods is shown below. It is noteworthy that compliance improved from 89.0 percent in 2002/2003 to 92.9 percent this year and that the overall trend shows improvement.

Historical Wastewater Quality Compliance with Standards

Wastewater Sludge Disposal

Disposal from the Ixopo and Howick wastewater works is evaluated to protect the public from the harmful effects of sludge disposal. Each wastewater works was scored on its planning, implementation and monitoring of a responsible sludge disposal programme.

The Umgeni Water owned and operated plants at Darvill and Ixopo performed well, indicating our commitment to the sustainable operation of our works. Howick Wastewater Works experienced sludge related operational problems, which affected environmental performance adversely. Significant improvements at Howick Wastewater Works have been achieved in recent months, however.

Keywords: Aquatic Life, Bulk Water, Drinking Water, Microbiological Criteria, Potable Water, Water Quality,

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Umgeni Water Amanzi - Services

The organisation prides itself in its integrated and holistic approach to planning and implementation of water and environmental management services. Its desire to serve the disadvantaged population led the organization to take a leadership role in community water supply and sanitation. Umgeni Water's capabilities include water cycle management from source to sea, and the treatment of wastewater.


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In addition to its primary business of bulk water supply, Umgeni Water is able to provide the following services on a commercial basis. Infrastructure design and management of infrastructure development (water and sanitation. Laboratory and Scientific (water quality testing and analysis.