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By: Pi Shurlok  11-11-2011
Keywords: Engineering Services, rapid prototyping, Electronic Control

About OpenECU

OpenECU complete solution
OpenECU offers an innovative blend of modular products, tools, engineering services and manufacturing options that get vehicle electronics rapidly from concept to manufacture. Cost effective
OpenECU delivers cost effective electronic control system solutions (ECUs), whether developing a single research prototype or a volume production system. Rapid prototyping to production
Remove the need for bench prototypes and greatly reduce development time by using off-the-shelf, configurable ECU hardware and ECU software that has been engineered to rigorous automotive and military production standards.  Royalty free control software
Our fully documented OpenECU software and tools offerings can be easily adapted to, or integrated with, your own control strategies to give you full control over your system implementation, and without any per unit royalty fees. Industry standard tools integration
Our tools and application software integrate with industry standard development flows and enable working at a systems level or at an embedded microcontroller coding level. At Pi Shurlok we can provide engineering services to develop an ECU or complete system around OpenECU products and then supply in volume from our own world-class manufacturing facilities.

Keywords: Electronic Control, Engineering Services, rapid prototyping, Vehicle Electronics

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Pi Shurlok - Engineering Service Skills

To provide a seamless, integrated, service we maintain facilities on three continents; each with a full complement of engineers in the three major disciplines that our customers require; hardware, software and systems engineering.