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By: Nortech  11-11-2011
Keywords: access control, Parking, Control Products

Nortech has a concise range of access control products to meet most customer requirements in advanced identification, counting, logical control and recording of both vehicular and people traffic.

Innovative design, constant development, quick response manufacture, 'no-corners-cut' quality and customer application specific adaptation provided by a willing team has differentiated Nortech from less flexible manufacturers and established it as a worldwide trusted brand for parking access and a reliable supplier of people access products and systems.

Using both inductive loop and RFID technology Nortech access products are available in a wide range of Industry-Standard protocols to be compatible with and able to be integrated into almost any access system. Software, Hardware and Firmware are all developed internally to provide a full compendium of features from simple access control to groups, areas and time zone management. This enables Nortech to customize solutions and provide personalized products within reasonable lead times. Nortech is an ISO 9001:2000 registered manufacturer and products are certified compliant with the relevant requirements in all countries.

Our Distributors and sales staff are well trained in both application and utilization of all our products and offer a prompt and comprehensive service. Nortech Access Control products will find application in any of the following applications:

  • Gated Communities
  • Businesses and Office Blocks / Parks and their Parking Lots
  • Flats, Apartments and Residential Blocks and their Parking Lots
  • Factories and Warehouses and their Parking Lots
  • Restricted Areas within Sites
  • Gyms, Clubs, Entertainment Venues, Sports Venues, Places of Congregation
  • Resorts, Caravan Parks, Beaches, Nature Reserves
  • Transport Depots and Stations
  • Staff Attendance in any of the Above

Keywords: access control, Control Products, Inductive Loop, Parking