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By: J Leslie Smith  11-11-2011

Our Conveyancing team is composed of Conveyancers and support staff with years of expert knowledge and experience. The Conveyancing department is divided into two branches which are: Local Conveyancing and Agency/Correspondent Conveyancing.

Both our Local Conveyancing and Agency/Correspondent Conveyancing departments have been dedicated to providing the best service and delivery to ensure that each step of the Conveyancing process is given the attention it requires.

The Local Conveyancing department focuses on providing services to private individuals, estate agents, and executors of estates; while the Agency/Correspondent Conveyancing department services attorneys and conveyancers based outside of Pietermaritzburg and attend to all the necessary steps to effect registration on their behalf. 

In addition to attending to Local and Agency/Correspondent property transfers our Conveyancing departments offer the following specialised services:

-  Advice on drafting leases

- Advice on deceased estate property transactions

- Opening of new sectional titles schemes

- Subdivision of Properties

- Shareblock Conversions

- Opening of township registers

- Consolidation of properties

- Advice on and drafting of agreements of sale

- Registration of Bonds, including Mortgage Bonds, Surety Bonds and Collateral    Bonds

- Zoning and Rezoning of property

Our Conveyancers are also admitted as Notary Publics and can assist in drafting and registering:

- Marriage contracts

- Notarial deeds

- Notarial bonds

- Notarial Servitudes

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