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By: Aus Migrant  11-11-2011


We have been involved in the facilitation of Australian Skills Assessments and Visas for a number of years, particularly with the 457 “work” visa, whereby Australian companies “sponsor” their new employees into the country in terms of the Employer Nomination Scheme. This is because of our very strong relationship with Brisbane based Recruit Global Pty Ltd, an Australian company, which has clients the length of the Eastern seaboard of that country. In addition, we concentrate on the facilitation of Skills Assessments and visas under the General Skilled Migration scheme, as well as Business visas.

Our offer

Our offer to facilitate your Skills Assessment and the recommended visa has the following features:
1. We operate with a contract which details our responsibilities and yours.
2. A Pay-as-you-Go scheme to finance your visa, if necessary
3. A very competitive price.
4. Extensive advice on the visa process, your move, and life in Australia
5. Advise, training and help in your search for a position once you have your visa,     which is enhanced by our very strong association with Recruit Global and their experience in the job   market
6. And the services of an Australian licensed Migration agent, if required.
As part of this service we will have determined that you are eligible to migrate and will have made the appropriate recommendations as to your visa.

You want to go with a job

Many people want to move to Australia, but with a job, and are unable to do this because any application that they make directly is usually rejected out of hand.  This is because Australian companies are not able to legally employ non-Aussies. So the potential migrant looks to the Recruitment companies. If they can’t help, then there would seem to be a problem. But not so!

There is a solution

That is to apply for one of the Permanent Residence visas.
Because once you have acquired the visa, you can legally apply for any vacancy in Australia yourself.
The visa is valid for 5 years. This means that you have 5 years before you have to go to live there, which in turn means you have 5 years to find a job.
We and Recruit Global will also be able to help you get a job because you can now be employed on the same basis as a resident Australian

Finding your own Sponsor

We can guide you in the process of effectively finding your own sponsor and can arrange the necessary paperwork both in South Africa and Australia. Contact us to find out how.

Essential requirements for a Permanent Residence visa

To be eligible for a permanent Residence visa there are certain essential minimum requirements:

  1. You must be under 45 years old.
  2. You must be able to communicate in English, at least at a vocational level, which means you need to have done an English test. Some passport holders do not have to do the test.
  3. You must be qualified. Professionally, with a diploma or degree and, as a Trades man, with an apprenticeship and Trade test.
  1. You must have had your Skills Assessed by the appropriate Australian assessing body to determine if your Skill level is the same as that which is required by them.
  1. Your occupation must be on the Australian Skilled Occupation List, which is known as the SOL.

Your chances are further improved if your occupation is also on the Migration Occupation in Demand List, known as the MODL. And if your occupation is on the Critical Skills list your application will receive top priority.