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By: Extreme Canvas & Upholstery  04-15-2013
Keywords: Window Tinting, window film, Safety Film

Commercial window film

·Solar control window films allows you to bring light/ heat that enters your building under control. The simple procedure of adding solar control window film to a building’s windows can be one of the most important things an employer can do.

·Our commercial window film provide benefits for not only you and your employees, but your company’s bottom line as well.

·Our commercial window film not only save’s energy, they help protect your furnishings, drapes, carpet and woodwork from the destructive ultraviolet rays that can cause fading. Our commercial films block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

·On the outside, your building will have a more pleasing, unified or uniform look. On the inside, our films greatly reduce the level of glare for your staff .

·The windows can be the place your building is most vulnerable. Violent weather and crime often strike your windows first. Fortunately, your can help manage both with the same films you use to control the effects of the sun with our Safety and Security Window Films.

·All our window films help hold your glass together when struck, helping to prevent flying glass and dangerous shards, a primary cause of injuries. When you choose our Commercial Window Film, you can be secure in knowing your building is well protected.

Residential window film

·Glass is a prominent feature in today’s homes. Homes are now designed to introduce sunlight from all angles. The more windows and glass doors you have, the more you need residential window film from Solar Flim Foundation.

·In addition to improving window performance by improving privacy and creating one-way vision, cutting down the glare so that you can watch television more comfortably and rendering glass shatter-proof once installed, our residential window film also make an attractive addition and adds value to every home.

·Our residential window film is available in soft designer shades and neutral non-reflective colours specifically designed for the homes, creating the perfect ambiance when decorating or re-modeling your home.

·Architects, interior designers, Glass and Aluminium companies and Air-conditioning Installation companies recommend Solar Film Foundation to their customers. Solar Film Foundation is one of the premier installation companies in the South Africa

Keywords: Safety Film, window film, Window Tinting

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