By: Jaibro Trading cc  09-03-2014
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EARTH LEAKAGE BREAKER TRIPS WHEN AND IF THERE IS A FAULT ON THE CIRCUITS THAT FEED OFF THE EARTH LEAKAGE RELAY. In the case when a fault does exist first switch all breakers off and reset the earth leakage breaker(ELR) . * if the ELR goes up then the ELR works fine. then switch one breaker at a time. the breaker that cause the ELR to trip left it down, leave it down. Pick up ELR and continue with the others. Check what it supplies and remove faulty appliance from socket outlet or if you have a stove or geyser tripping then you might have a burnt out element. Call an electrician. It the ELR does not go up whilst all the switches are in a off position it simple means you have to change the ELR. Ask the electrician to do a Earth leakage test for you to find out at what fault level the ELR trips. Normally between 20 - 30mA is fine.

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