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Maxi Draught from ZEDVEND

By: ZEDVEND  10-22-2011
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1. Fully mobile

No electricity needed!

2. Guaranteed cold beer

You’ll have cold beer as long as you put ice on the cold plate, no matter how many times the is changed. Other trolleys use electrically generated cold plates – they build an ice plate but once its used up, you must wait for the ice to build up again.

3. Compact

This is the most compact dispensing in the world. It holds all the required equipment within, to dispense COLD draught beer within minutes.

4. Durable, well insulated and cost-effective

The trolley is rotationally moulded, making it far superior to other trolleys that use wood, aluminium and stainless steel etc.

5. Doesn’t fade or turn brittle

Extreme hot or cold temperatures don’t affect the material used, LLDPE. This is a food grade material approved by the FDA

6. Secure

Lockable with a stainless steel lock.

7. Reliable gas source

The gas bottle doesn’t touch the ice so the gas doesn’t cool to liquid.

Main Features

  • The trolley has large, durable wheels for easy use on rough terrain or grass.
  • Trolley can be produced in your custom colour.
  • All parts are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Bin holds 30 litre or 50 litre keg.
  • Ice-shute holds 16kg of ice.
  • Slots for a canopy or a .
  • 2mm stainless steel top.
  • Drain hole for spillage under counter.
  • Drain plug.
  • Stock draught tray (optional)
  • Stainless bottle opener (optional)
  • Cup holder in wire frame holder.
  • : Optional on request.


  • Branding is interchangeable within manually adjustable kwik-klik frames.
  • Option1: Reversed screen prints, 1mm UHI acrylic.
  • Option2: Polished aluminum/ Stainless steel panels that can be sandblasted.
  • Alternatively any variation of brass, metal or plastic panels may be used.

Available Sizes

  • 1000mm L x 700mm W x 1180mm H (ex. Tap)

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