What Are the Advantages of Humanized Antibodies?

What Are the Advantages of Humanized Antibodies? from Creative Biolabs

By: Creative Biolabs  01-01-2014
Keywords: Antibodies, antibody humanization

Humanized antibodies are antibodies from non-human species whose protein sequences have been modified to increase their similarity to antibody variants produced naturally in humans. The process of "humanization" is usually applied to monoclonal antibodies developed for administration to humans. It had been confirmed with studies that humanized antibody can be conveniently applied into diagnosis, prevention and treatment due to its features. Its advantages including: 1. Small immunogenicity 2. Strong function of human antibody effector that is determined by the constant regions of antibodies. 3. Longer life span compared to chimeric antibodies and needs less in application as well as repeated use. 4. Increased biological activity. Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in antibody humanization. We know that rodent antibodies are highly immunogenic in humans, which limits their clinical applications, especially when repeated administration is required. Importantly, they are rapidly removed from circulation and can cause systemic inflammatory effects as well. As a means of circumventing these problems, we have developed three antibody humanization strategies that can preserve the specificity and affinity of the antibody toward the antigen whereas significantly or completely eliminate the immunogenicity of the antibody in humans. The first approach is CDR grafting and the second approach is chain shuffling. These two methods are all based on phage display of humanized scFv variants and selection of high-affinity humanized binders through bio-panning. The third method, humanized IgG library screening, is somehow unique. We will make a library of humanized whole IgG to be displayed on the surface of mammalian cells and then high-affinity binders will be sorted by FACS. For more information, please visit http://www.creative-biolabs.com/antibody-humanization.html or call 1-631-871-5806.

Keywords: Antibodies, antibody humanization

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