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By:  01-07-2011
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Join DANCE-SALSAdotORG (FOR FREE), the alternative Facebook for Salsa addicts and other Latin-American and Afro-Latin dances, with far more possibilities!

The site is really user friendly, looks great (who's not fed up with the white and blue? : -) ) and we actually reply to your mail when you got a problem!

Members can easily add a profile,  add their website, upload pictures, videos, music and downloadable files, you can chat, add your events, add news topics, post ads, articles , start a blog , create groups, (with people you know well such as your customers), FIND A DANCE PARNER and so on!

The site is Iphone enabled and will soon be available for other mobile devices as well.

In other words, we are taking social networking for Salsa lovers to the next level and it would be your loss not to jump on this train!

As we said, the application is for free and without any obligations! We would appreciate a back-link (if you have a website) but even that is not required.

What we really hope for though is that you would give us a test drive and if you enjoy it, that you would invite your friends, family and customers to join us too!

Hope to meet you soon on DANCE-SALSAdotORG !


Edwin Spiessens

Designer -Administrator

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