TouchStar Connect Predictive Dialler Various Modes of Dialling

By: Touchstar  11-11-2011
Keywords: Text To Speech, Predictive Dialler

Various Modes of Dialling
TouchStar Connect has 5 dialling modes
  • Predictive Dialling
  • Power (Progressive) Dialling
  • Preview Dialling
  • Manual Dialling
  • Broadcasting / Un-manned
Predictive Dialling
The TouchStar Connect Predictive Dialler improves agent productivity by increasing the number of calls placed on behalf of the agents, by filtering out the dead numbers, answer machines and busy tones, the agents will receive only live calls. Each campaign can have its own dialling settings. The higher contact rates and agent talk time will increase contact opportunities by up to 300% over manual dialling.
Power Dialling
TouchStar Connect dials automatically on behalf of the agent using a single telephone line for each user, again by filtering out the dead numbers, answer machines and busies - the agents will receive only live calls. The calls are not made for the agent unless they are already free so this method of dialling is great for B2B campaigns, for ringing previously “dropped” calls and for valuable data sets sourced, for example, from internet enquiries.
Preview Dialling
The agent will get the opportunity to view the details of the prospect before the call is placed. For example, this method of dialling is used in debt collection where there is a long case history that needs to be absorbed before speaking to the client.
Un-manned / Broadcasting
This is now used extensively by collections companies and local government agencies to automatically remind people of payments or pending / outstanding fines. TouchStar Connect will read directly from the database extracting the persons details, dial the contact number and using text to speech will read them the message. The system can also be used to broadcast a pre-recorded set message to closed user groups for example clients who are due an engineer visit or an insurance renewal. In softer applications it is being used to remind people to make payments, attend appointments or perhaps inform them of their balance. The system is interactive; if the called party presses a digit while on the message they can be transferred to a live agent or even make a credit card payment.
Predictive, Power, Preview and Manual dialling settings are customisable for each campaign. Therefore, it is common to have campaigns running that are dialling in several dialling modes. For example there may be a group of agents ringing “bulk” data in Predictive mode in order to gather information; a team then ringing these more detailed records in Power mode or a slower paced Predictive ratio. Existing clients may then be contacted via Preview. All campaigns can change the mode of dialling without interrupting the agent. It may be getting towards the end of the month and you need to increase the pace of calls to the agent. By switching from Power to Predictive or by increasing the pace of the Predictive agent wait times can be reduced without the agents logging out and then back in.

Keywords: Predictive Dialler, Text To Speech

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