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By: Bee Light Crytsals at the Blue House  06-28-2015
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Transform your space into a place of Light!! The qualities of the stones are pure, but frozen in the stones and through relationship with us, the qualities can be freed into the world. We sell raw stones, fresh from the earth and tumbled or polished from South Africa as well as around the world. We also make silver and other jewelry so you can wear it on your body. We can source specific crystals for you. We are avid β€œRock Hounds” we go on Gem trips and find it fresh from the earth for you. Stones of New Consciousness that we sell in Bee Light Crystals: Aegerine, Ajoite, Apopholite, Aragonite, Black Tourmaline, Celestite, Herkimer Diamond, Seraphanite, Lepidolite, Danburite, Merkaba Calcite (Consciousness expansion, access to higher knowledge, Petalite, Selenite (spiritual activation, communion with higher self) Staurolite (grounding and physical well being. Linking with realms of Devas, animal and plant consciousness) Gold Selenite (creating through the will, unification of brain/ mind and heart/wisdom) We also stock: Dream Catchers a wide variety of Natural Insence and smudge, for home and business clearing Wind Chimes Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry Clearing Sprays Bath Salts and other Aromatherapy products Essential Oils Inspirational and spiritual.. Second Hand Books and CDs Barry does hand readings, healings , balancing and councilling... He also facilitates the following workshops , or one on one basis πŸŒ€ Wire wrapping your favorite crystals πŸŒ€ Indian Head Massage πŸŒ€ Creating with Crystals , uses and applications, also a kiddies workshop. πŸŒ€ Learn Tarot πŸŒ€ Hand reading workshop πŸŒ€ Sound Journey . Teachings of Beautiful Painted Arrow πŸŒ€ Past Life Therapy , Christos Method πŸŒ€ Artist way

Keywords: Crystals, Incense&Smudge, Inspirational Books, Jewellery, Wind Chimes,

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