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By: ASCOT DIET CLINIC KZN   06-02-2011
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Our Fatburner (Injection) will help u convert those stored fat into usable energy to kick start the metabolism. Our eating programs are based on each individuals Cholesterol level and Body Mass Index which will prevent you from storing more fat

The diet itself can be explained as follow:

The Stomach, being the main organ contributing to the stimulation of our metabolism, is a muscle. Over the years we started eating more than the portion size actually needed and our stomachs stretched.

Being overweight means that our stomachs are used to the amount of high quantity food consumed on a daily basis and the metabolism will only be stimulated if the stomach is full. (Receptors stimulating metabolism are situated in the muscle wall of the stomach) You will start developing cravings for Sugar and Carbohydrates if your daily food consumption is not balanced because your metabolisms’ need is still high and cannot provide the necessary energy your body requires to function sufficiently.

With help from Ascot’s carefully formulated solution your appetite will be suppressed firstly, meaning you will stay full for longer with smaller portions and secondly your metabolism will be increased without the stomach being full. Conclusion = your stomach muscle will start shrinking!

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