SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Keywords: Search Engine Optimisation, seo

In this part of your development we concentrate on “getting” you on Google, this is a time consuming part of any new development and will not happen overnight as there are Millions of website out there all over the world that want to share the spotlight with you, we however have designed a strategy for getting our client onto Google and this normally takes about 6 month from the initial design but no promises can be made it will definitely be at no:1 when you type in your key words like Architect we can do our best to make your website be seen on the internet by creating an SEO wheel with your website in the center of all the attention, this is all done via our SEO strategy. Normally it take about 6 months to be crawled by Google and get placed on the 1st page but again there are millions of websites, we have however had a 85% success rate doing this and we are confident that we would be able to do this with your new development. Total cost for this is R3800.00 once off How do you know this is working? Well we will sent you a report every Monday morning about what has happened on your site visitors, clicks….ext…..and this will be send to your email for the remainder of your websites lifetime.

Keywords: Search Engine Optimisation, seo



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