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By: Kzn Project Engineering  11-11-2011
Keywords: Surveys, Building Surveys

Consultant Engineering:
Monitoring, Topographical surveys on National Grid, Detail surveys, Industrial surveys, Structural Surveys, Building surveys, Roof surveys, Elevation surveys, Crane Rail surveys, River surveys, Road and Highway surveys, Asbuilt surveys, Senior Engineering Surveyor services, Volume surveys, Progress surveys, Structural data streaming surveys, Concrete floor tolerance surveys, GPS primary control placement and monitoring thereof.. the list is endless. At one point or another we have done one survey or another, often we develop methodology to suit the required situation. Call us we are happy to be of service.

Topographical surveys on National Grid, Detail surveys, Industrial surveys, Structural Surveys, Building surveys, Roof surveys, Elevation surveys, Retail and Merchandising surveys, 3D interior surveys, Volume surveys, Setting out of 3D curves in both axes (all types, parabolic, circular spiral, ecliptic).. Any kind of drawing or critical measurements you require to complete your design or ensure correct placement, we can assist you with. Call us today.

Contractors are our most demanding clients, we are the link between the clients design team, the exact position where the money is spent, calculating the quantities, and we are involved in getting the work accepted and paid by the client. We play a vital role that in house surveyors cannot provide. We are experienced in all aspects of construction, to list some examples; roads, sewers/foul, stormwater, bridges, structures, steel frame placement, bolt and plate placement for machinery or columns, buildings, piling.. and much more.

What is the most important aspect of our work is what goes on behind the scenes. We record all placements/markings/pegs and relate this to the information issued at the time (be it drawing revision or Site Instruction number) and all our data capture is conclusive and date and time stamped. Even in its raw un-editable state, we back this data up. Should you ever have to present this information legally you can be assured of clean and conclusive records, not hand scribbled pieces of paper.

Landscapers, sports field contractors and special feature contractors (statues, monuments and ornate structures)
Multi grade surfaces, curves (in plan or section), detail garden surveys (tree identification and position) showing all features. Over the years we have done many tricky jobs to assist in the perfect placement or shape achievement where other methods have failed. It is cheaper, quicker and easier to call us first. Things we have assisted in; 3D handrail and toe rail surveys to aid manufacture, setting out of pre cut stone feature walls and ponds, many surveys of upper class gardens and grounds to aid re-design, monument placement and entrance wall features, aiding is retaining wall design and balancing earthworks, quantifying soil import to achieve terracing and feature mounds.. call us, we know your game.

Keywords: Building Surveys, Surveys