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Using our Global Five Regional Management System to provide the broadest possible forwarding services. Air Freight Forwarding: one of our strengths Ever since KWE's founding, international airfreight forwarding has been one of our strengths. Our experience in airfreight forwarding includes a vast range of commodities. We are expanding the types of cargo that we handle to include more automotive-related products, agricultural goods, heath care items (medical and pharmaceutical), machine tools and construction machinery. In addition, we also cater for specialized forwarding needs such as transportation of semiconductor production machinery, temperature-controlled freight as well as project commodities.The volume of international airfreight handled by KWE is ranked among the top 10 in the world. We sort the airfreight export cargo which we receive from customers by destination and attach each batch to one of KWE's own ULD (unit load devices) before handing it over to an airline. This allows maximum protection from damage and pilferage. We take responsibility for the entire transport process and provide far safer and faster service compared to previous ULD services, whereby ULD buildup and breakdown operations took place at an airport's bonded storage facility. Consolidated service solutionsAt KWE, we offer consolidated service solutions by which cargo is collected from multiple shippers. The cargo is then sorted and assembled per airport at overseas destinations, and consigned as KWE cargo to our preferred airlines partners.Our export services include document preparations for air carriage, customs clearance and surface transportation. We provide such services through a closely, integrated network within our sales division, relevant branches and global operations divisions.Once the consolidated cargo arrives at its destination airport, KWE's local subsidiary or appointed agent picks the consignment up at the airline warehouse for import customs clearance and delivery to the consignee.

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