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By: AA Garden Service  10-13-2016
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Basic Garden Services 1. A manual inspection of the irrigation system to ensure the garden is receiving sufficient water and that there are no leaks, breaks or blockages in the nozzles and pipes. 2. A thorough inspection of the garden to assess the health of the plants and determine possible deficiencies, pests or growth problems 3. Inspection of tree stakes and tree ties to ensure they are straight and supporting the tree correctly without causing any harm to the branches and stem. These will be replaced / corrected when required 4. Pruning and shaping of herbaceous borders, clipped shrubs and specimen plants 5. Dead-heading of flowering shrubs 6. Cutting back and lightly trimming flowering groundcovers and shrubs to maintain optimal shape, prevent them from choking and encroaching onto surrounding plants, and extend flowering time. 7. All lawn areas will be assessed to determine whether it is receiving adequate water, is in danger of being over-run by weeds or other invasive grasses, and requires spiking, fertilizing or topdressing. . 8. A monthly status report of the garden will be sent out to clients to highlight any problems in the garden and suggest ways to improve / solve these problems. The report will also indicate when it is time to fertilize, spray for pests and diseases, compost and top-dress. Additional Services *Note: These services will be quoted on separately should they be required/recommended. Maintenance on paved area or any building in or outside. Regular feeding of pot-plants, fruit trees, roses and other higher maintenance plants Supply and planting of annuals and bulbs for additional colour in the garden and pots; Planting of plants purchased by client Composting and mulching Tree pruning Tree and large shrub transplanting Lawn care i.e. Spiking, topdressing, fertilizing and weed control Cost Structure and Packages Each garden will be carefully assessed in order to compile an accurate quotation – some gardens will contain a higher amount of care and attention than others or may need an initial highly intensive clean-up to get it back into shape. The following estimated rates are based on small, medium and large sized gardens with expected service times and frequencies indicated respectively. Each garden will be serviced by a small team of between 2-3 workers, personally supervised by Francois Victor or Etienne Victor, for a minimum of 1hr per small and medium sized gardens and 2hrs for larger gardens. Specialized Maintenance Service Fees: A. Small Gardens / Lodges (80 – 120m2) Estimated Service Time: 1 – 1.5hrs Suggested frequency of visits: Once per month Estimated basic service fee: R200 per visit B. Medium Gardens (150 – 200m2) Estimated Service Time: 1.5 – 2hrs Suggested frequency of visits: Fortnightly Estimated basic service fee: R250.00 per visit C. Large / High Maintenance Gardens (200m2+) Estimated Service Time: 3 –4hrs Suggested frequency of visits: Fortnightly Estimated basic service fee: R300.00 per visit Monitor Fees: In addition to the above noted services, an additional monitoring service can be provided should the homeowner be away for extended periods and require a report and weekly check on certain elements of the garden such as the irrigation and tree staking / tree ties which are prone to damage. Small and Medium Gardens: R75.00 per visit Large Gardens: R100.00 per visit Garden Waste Removal: Garden refuse generated by pruning has not been included in the estimated service fees and will have to be charged accordingly in quantities at an estimated rate of R150/m3, depending on the proximity of the closest waste disposal site For larger Properties like Old Age Homes, Vacation Clubs, Caravan Parks etc. we can do a detailed Quote suited to the budget.

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