Epoxy and related speciality coatings for floors,roofs and more

By: Epoxyman Industrial Coatings  11-11-2011
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There are a number of different epoxy coatings, each one of them made to meet certain requirements during service. However, they have some general characteristics. The most important being: 

Good water resistance
Good adhesion to the substrate
Good chemical resistance 
Very good alkali resistance 
Great resistance to mechanical damage 
High durability
Temperature resistant up to 120oC (somewhat lower/higher for certain systems)
Certain systems officially approved for potable water tanks and in contact with food
High solids content/low VOC possible
Poor resistance to UV rays: chalks in sunlight
Application and curing depends on the temperature (normally above +10oC) winter grades down to -5oC
It may be difficult to overcoat cured epoxy
They are two-component products and therefore require good mixing and may give increased wastage
Moderate resistance to acids
Can cause allergy (eczema)
Require knowledge to be used correctly


All of our floor coatings have superior resistance to normal wear and tear, and other types of abuse, such as acid or alkali spills. 

EIC specializes in surface preparation and installation. Proper surface preparation ensures maximum bonding and long lasting results. We install an extensive range of epoxy high-performance floor coatings, including a colorful array of industrial coatings. EIC gives customers what they need in floor coatings 

The "hygienic surface" concept has become an issue of growing commercial interest. The control of harmful micro-organisms in the community may incur costs exceeding 2 billion euro per annum and collateral costs from illness and product spoilage could far exceed this value.Surface coatings for hygiene control - systems offering proven long term protection against the growth of mould, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. Complying with all relevant international legislation, LPL hygiene systems are water based, non-leaching and suitable for uses wherever stringent hygiene controls must be observed

 Roofing Systems - a versatile range of fully bonded, seamless roofing systems for use on all common substrates, regardless of design or complexity. All systems may be installed extremely rapidly and exhibit outstanding durability, allowing building owners to make substantial savings in terms of both on site costs and long term maintenance.
The principal fire retardant coating in the Liquid Plastics range is Firecheck, however, other LPL coatings also exhibit excellent resistance to the spread of flame and achieve Class “0” fire ratings. Of particular note is Silcabond SP, a halogen-free, single pack mineral paint which exhibits very low smoke emission. Details are contained in the “Protective Systems for Walls” section.

         Epoxyman Glassflake Epoxy is a non solvent epoxy paint filled with glassflakes.

         Used for many years in industry for acid protection of concrete. 
It has been adapted for use as a reinforced swimming pool paint.

       In most cases has been far more successful than fiberglass

          We install, retail and Export Mosaics.           


Keywords: coatings, epoxy, Paint