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Cost2Build is proud of the dedicated, professional construction consulting & management team it has assembled and we have a varying description of services we can offer to clients in need of cost effective, professional assistance. Primarily, our services offer varying means of choices whereby prospective client’s look to reduce their financial risk.These include:

    a.      Financial Feasibility Budgets

The first and most important question to ask in the construction process is – HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Cost2Build will assist clients in formulating a table of fees for local authority applications, professional and designer costs, raw materials and labour costs that will begin to establish a project outline.

b.      The Design Stage – Designers &Engineers

Cost2Build has at its disposal, a design team that can begin the process of producing working drawings for use in the tender process and later, for construction purposes.

c.       Estimates and Design Development

Cost2Build will provide estimates for the Client based on an initial draft or sketch plans provided by an Architect or their own in-house design team. The Client will then be able to compare the estimates with their budget and then adjust the plans accordingly. Once the estimates are approved, then Bills of Quantities are produced.

d.      The Bill of Quantities

Cost2Build will compile a complete Bill of Quantities using specialized software for measurements and take offs from drawings. The BoQ is an essential part of the construction process in providing the following advantages:

·       It ensures that the client and all competing building contractors have at their disposal the same information to provide competitive tenders.

·       The BoQ confirms the specifications provided by the Architect as well as to standardise any assumptions that have to be made so that all the tenders are priced on a like for like basis.

·       Too often, a project where the contractor has provided a lump sum price results in an omission on the part of the contractor that will often result in compromises in the quality of the final product. BoQ helps both the Client and Contractor in preventing any omission

·       BoQ's also assist the Client and contractor in pricing any variations, additions or omissions to the contract.

·       BoQ’s also provide a legal contract for the Client to enter into with the contractor

e.       Tender Award Process

Cost2Build also offers clients the service of inviting reputable local Building Contractors to tender. C2B has a vast knowledge of local contractors and suppliers along with their ability to deliver projects to the highest quality standards, on time and in budget. C2B will, on behalf of the client, ensure that all members on the tender list receive the correct packs of information,viz. drawings, specifications and the BoQ. The tender package will be made available to the prospective Contractors for completion. The contractors will then return the completed tenders, to us to assess and then advise you the Client to make the decision on the contract award.

f.       Project& Contract Management

Cost2Build offers a full range of Construction Management services to Developers, Home Builders, Home Owners, Architects and designers, Construction & Building firms.

1.Project Management Services – C2B will undertake to represent the clients most suited to this role, namely Developers, Home Owners wanting to build and Architects. C2B will:

·       Develop the Project Management Programme.

·       Attend technical, financial and progress meetings.

·       Monitor and assess the project progress,ensuring remedial action is implemented to bring the project          back on track, if required.

·       Monitor and assess the project finances.

·       Monitor and assess Quality Control and National Regulatory Performance criteria (NHBRC etc).

·       Monitor and Assess the Client’s Health & Safety Risks.

·       Ensure Environmental adherence.

·       Assist the Client in providing the Contractors with the correct information to ensure project progress is          maintained.

·       Advise the Client on the correct form of contract for the project duration and prepare these documents.

·       To assist the Client in the means of dispute resolution, should the need arise.

·       Provide on-site inspection services at every stage of the building process, ensuring your home is built          according to specifications and accepted standard building practices.

2. Contract Management Services – C2B will undertake to represent Clients more suited to this role, namely          Building and Contracting, Construction and Civil firms. C2B will:

·       Develop the Project Management Program and implement proven systems of planning and control to               the project.

·       Monitor and assess the project progress,ensuring remedial action is implemented to bring the project          back to speed, if required.

·       Monitor and assess the project finances through efficient site based cost reporting.

·       Monitor and assess Quality Control and National Regulatory Performance criteria (NHBRC, etc)                    through periodic inspections, Quality Control System implementation, etc.

·       Monitor and assess the Client’s Health & Safety Risks through the development and training of Site               Management.

·       Ensure Environmental adherence.

·       Negotiate Sub Contract packages and sub-contractor management.

·       Monitor, assess and implement alternate means of construction practices to increase productivity and          ultimately improve business profits.

·       Seek to remove non-value added streams to the construction process (Supply Chain Management,               procurement, plant, labour and materials)

·       Liaise with Project professionals and design teams to ensure the correct contractual procedures are               followed in the issue and receipt of information, extensions of time, delay claims and means of dispute          resolution.

g.      Financial Management – Post Contract or Contractors Quantity Surveying

Cost2Build offers a full range of Post Contract Financial Management.

1. Post Contract Quantity Surveying – C2B will represent the Clients in this role and will:

·       Evaluate the work done and issue monthly Certificates to the Client for payment

·       Issue Cost Reports

·       Appoint Selected or Nominated Sub-Contractors

·       Resolve any contractual issues with the Contractor

·       Re-measure and negotiate the Final Account with the Contractor

2. Contractors Quantity Surveying – C2B will represent the Contractor (Note: unless representing a client     as per 1 above) in this role and will:

·         Evaluate the work done and issue monthly claims

·         Pay all sub-contractors

·         Complete Cost Reports showing profit and losses

·         Appoint Domestic Sub-Contractors

·         Re-measure and negotiate the Final Account with the Client

h.      Prime Cost Management

Prime Cost Management aims to reduce the cost of building your new house or development while remaining in full control of your finances.

Prime Cost Management, put simply, is employing qualified professionals to run your building project from inception to completion on a 100 % open book system, without the use of a main contractor. Our company will take all the hassle of dealing with the builders, sub-contractors and designers out of your hands and give the finances of your build back to you to manage.

Costs are paid directly to suppliers of goods and services under our direction. Consulting fees are paid on an agreed value with an incentive program designed to drive down costs.

 A full description of Prime Cost Management is available on request.

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