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By: Fibertex  11-11-2011

Standard Compoflex®

The Compoflex® products are breathable microporous peeling materials. For infusion, Compoflex® is designed to replace up to three consumables with a single layer. In composite manufacturing, Compoflex® offers direct benefits:

• Superior peeling properties
The microporous surface and the low surface tension of PP nonwovens ensure that Compoflex® releases at one fifth of the force needed to peel conventional peel ply.
• Easy release minimises resin dust
Compoflex® RF releases easily so that hardened resin remains in the liner, reducing the amount of airborne resin dust. The release force required when not using Compoflex® generates intensive resin dust activity, causing an unhealthy working environment. 


Resin Flow Compoflex® RF

• Time and cost savings

In the infusion process, Compoflex® RF replaces peel ply and flow mesh. Fewer consumables combined with easy release reduce costs and handling time, simplifying the process considerably. Compoflex® RF is easy to lay due to the integrated flexible grid. 

Secondary Bonding Compoflex® SB

• Excellent secondary bonding surface
Compoflex® SB is designed to produce a surface ready for secondary bonding while maintaining the superior peeling properties of the standard Compoflex® products. 

Secondary Bonding + Resin Flow Compoflex® SB RF

• Excellent combined surface advantages
Compoflex® RF is also available in an SB RF version – secondary bonding and resin flow. Compoflex® SB RF creates a surface which is ready for bonding without the need for grinding.

Important: Due to the microporous surface of the Compoflex®, more and/or bigger valves may need to be installed depending on laminate size and thickness. 

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Compoflex for Composites - Fibertex Nonwovens

The melting point for polypropylen is 165°C and our recommended working temperature is approx.