Cell Phone Forensics

By: Rick Crouch | Private Investigator  12-22-2014
Keywords: Investigations, Mobile Phone, Private Investigations

Mobile phone forensics is the science of retrieving data from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions. This includes full data retrieval and examination of data found on the SIM/USIM, the phone body itself and the optional memory cards. Data retrieved and examined can include images, videos, text or SMS messages, call times and contact numbers. In the hustle bustle life of the modern day human, we all have a cellphone to communicate with the outside world. Cellphones have become our favoured means of communication. The explosive growth in the availability and use of cell phones and other mobile devices — coupled with the expanded capabilities of these devices — has made this area of digital forensics increasingly important. For many years now, cell phones have been a recorder of information, often related to criminal or other nefarious behaviors, not to mention often being the instrument — and, occasionally, the target — of that behavior. Mobile devices contain a plethora of data, including contact lists, phone and Internet browsing history, text and multimedia messages, e-mail, photographs and videos, geolocation information, and much more. We use our phones for emails, messaging, Skype, social media, photos, etc. At Rick Couch & Associates we have the knowledge and expertise to extract data from cellphones in a forensically sound manner that will stand up to any formal judicial enquiry. We use sound and trusted techniques that will extract a data from a Cellphone that includes calls incoming calls, received calls, missed calls, emails, Skype history, emails, photos, audio files, phone history, deleted data (dependent on the device), and log files etc. With smartphones playing an ever increasing part in the lifestyles of so many people in today’s technology driven world, the amount of private information they can contain can be staggering, from the uninteresting and mundane, to the potentially embarrassing or even incriminating.

Keywords: Cell Phone Forensics, Cellular Phone, Investigations, Mobile Phone, Private Investigations

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