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By: Vukuzakhe Herbal Products  11-11-2011
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The Vukuzakhe Herbal Products will concentrate initially on three product types, namely:

  • Body care products that all include one or more herbal extracts from plants grown by the group.  These will include bath soaps, both handmade and glycerine; a facial exfoliator; herbal bath salts; a room fragrance; and moisturising creams, for both dry and oily skin
  • Live indigenous plants (both seedlings and established plants) used by nurseries and landscapers, as well as seeds
  • Raw plant material used by healers and processors of phytomedicines

Body care products

All products are made with natural ingredients, and are organic wherever possible.  The herbs in the garden are grown completely organically. Within the specified product range will be a sub-range utilising different herbs for different skin types and conditions.  In the initial phase, the group will begin with the following products:

  • Moisturising cream for oily skin (125ml)
  • Moisturising cream for dry skin (125ml)
  • Soap
    • Handmade using fine cold-pressed vegetable oils (coconut, almond, shea nut butter, olive) (approximately 140g bars)
    • Glycerine (in guest bar size of 50g as well as 140g sizes)
  • Herbal bath salts
  • Facial exfoliator
  • Room fragrance

The range of body and home care products will be expanded in the near future to include the following:

  • Lip balm
  • Baby cream / soothing for rashes
  • Liquid hand soap in 250ml bottles
  • Insect repellent

All products will include herbal extracts grown and prepared in the Vukuzakhe garden and factory by the women themselves. 

Raw material from a range of traditional medicinal plants

An important aspect of the original vision of the enterprise was conservationist.  It was hoped that the cultivation of popular herbal plants would reduce the incidence of wild harvesting.  It is sadly the case that a number of plant species have become extinct, or threatened by over-harvesting by those supplying that traditional medicines market. 

The Vukuzakhe Herbal Products have the capacity to supply wet and dry plant material to those processing herbal medicines, health and beauty products in any form. Both wet and dry material is sold by the kilogram.  The plant material available from Vukuzakhe Herbal Products is shown below. 

Live indigenous plants for healers, nurseries, landscapers, members of the public

Apart from the plants already in stock, the group will undertake to propagate plants to order, with an emphasis on indigenous plants. While customers will be able to buy seeds harvested from the plants grown on the farm, the on-site nursery enables the group to grow seedlings for use by individuals, landscapers, and nurseries.  Again, while the garden is not certified organic, no fertilisers are used on the site.

The members of the cultivation subcommittee are well positioned to advise customers on all aspects of the plants in their garden, including cultivation information as well as uses.

Plant list

Vukuzakhe Herbal Products are presently growing the following plants:

  • Acorus calamus
  • Acotia
  • Albuca setosa
  • Alepedia amatymbica
  • Aloe aristata
  • Aloe marlothii
  • Artemisia afra
  • Bowiea volubilis
  • Bulbine natalensis
  • Cassine transvaalensis
  • Curtisia Dioscorea sylvatica
  • Drimia robusta & Drimea elata
  • Eucomus
  • Gasteria croucheri
  • Gnidia kraussiana
  • Gunera perpensi
  • Haworthia
  • Hypericum aethiopicum
  • Hypoxis hemerocallidea (African potato)
  • Jatropha hirsuta
  • Knowltonia bractiata
  • Leonotis
  • Lippia javanica
  • Momordica balsamina
  • Mondia whitei
  • Ornothogulum
  • Ranunculus multifidus
  • Scilla natalensis
  • Siphonochilus aethiopicus (African ginger)
  • Warburgia salutaris

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