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By: umhlathuze telecommunications  02-09-2011
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Selling airtime on your cellphone with the Smartpaid Sim Card is very easy,fast and simple.The EASY TO USE manual we send will have the instructions on how to Load someones phone when selling airtime to them which is only done easily from any normal cellphone and takes less than 6 seconds.The Smartpaid Sim will work on ANY normal cellphone even if it is not GPRS enabled or enabled to be able to sell airtime.The people your clients will sell airtime to will be credited with the amount they purchased immediately at the time and point of sale without having to punch in a recharge pin, the airtime is simply credited in they cellphone, all your client will do is punch in they cellphone number to be credited and the amount of airtime, and they are credited in less than 6 seconds after your client has executed it their cellphone, they customer (the person buying airtime) will receive a sms notification immediately that they cellphone account as been credited and will state the amount.For Example, if you distribute the Smartpaid Sim Card to 'John' and he sells Vodacom R29 airtime to 'Joseph', Josephs' cellphone will be credited with R29 immediately at the time and point of sale in less than 6 seconds.The airtime is transfered immediately to the buyers cellphone number and are thus credited with the amount the purchased and an sms notification is sent immediately notifying them of the amount credited and their new phone balance.

The best benefit about the Vodacom Smartpaid Sim Cards is that airtime is credited straight into the buyers cellphone immediately without any Recharge Voucher.Vodacom,Cell C,MTN and Telkom Prepaid can now be sold by anyone,even at the work place to make extra income providing a service everyone needs on a daily basis.Another great thing with these Smartpaid Sim Cards is that the Vodacom Airtime in particular can be sold in any denomination between R5 to R999.This means Vodacom R6,R7,R8,R9,R10,R11,R12,R13,R20,R25 to R999 Airtime can be sold to customers, customers are not limited to just Vodacom R5,R12,R29,R55,R110 they can purchase any amount ranging between R5 to R999.Your clients will still make 9% profit on any recharge between R5 and R999.So if a customer wants say Vodacom R18 Recharge, your client will still make 9% profit as that R18 Recharge would be charged at a 9% discount on they account balance, so lets say they had R50 left in they account and they sold a R18 recharge, they customer would be credited with R18 worth of airtime but only R16.38 would be charged on they account balance meaning they would pocket R1.62 profit.If the client purchased R40 Airtime,they would be credited with R40 but only R36.40 would be charged on they account meaning they pocket R3.60 profit.The airtime can be purchased in any demonation between R5 to R999 Any Time or Any Place.They will have a menu on their cellphone they would go to when selling airtime and checking the balance remaining airtime to sell which is easy and simple to operate.All clients will receive an easy to use manual guide on how to get started and sell airtime from their cellphone.

How Do You Make Money? There are two ways to make money with these Each Sim Card will earn you a lifetime recurring 5% everytime it is recharged with airtime. Whether it is the normal airtime bought at a Supermarket, Bank ATM, Street Vendor, Aitime outlet, via internet or cell phone banking you will earn a recurring 5% everytime your clients recharge. You will also earn your 1.5% from the discounted airtime they load on their cell phone to sell as well, were they would pocket they 9% of their profits. There Is No Need For Your Client To Change Their Number. If your client already has a Vodacom Sim Card and number and they dont wish to get a new number, they can easily do a sim swap and be able to keep they number and have this service on their cellphone as well, but they would have to do a sim swap to these sim cards. These Sim Card operate with all the features of the normal Vodacom Sim Cards the only difference is that you can sell airtime with these ones, so any client with a Vodacom number would not have to change their current number, all they would have to do is a sim swap which is easy done when you insert the sim card and 100 from your cell phone.

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