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We provide a service to ensure that legal requirements regarding health and safety are implemented.

1. Advice and consultation regarding Occupational Health & Safety:
Vlame OHS Services will ensure that all your company's occupational health and safety needs are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. As Vlame OHS Services is qualified and informed on every aspect of the Act, it is able to ensure the implementation thereof.

2. Advice on procedures and requirements under the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations:
Vlame OHS Services stays up-to-date with the latest amendments, procedures and requirements of this Act, and is therefore able to provide accurate and speedy advice.

3. Proper investigation and documentation of all accidents and injuries:
Vlame OHS Services will assist with all requirements and the recording of all incidents in terms of the above Act. In the case of an accident, the employer should contact Vlame OHS Services immediately for assistance with the investigation and reporting of the accident, as required by law.

4. Safety Meetings:
Vlame OHS Services will co-ordinate safety meetings and induction training in a number of areas, keeping records and minutes of these at all times, e.g.:

  • Monthly safety meetings
  • Induction/Safety awareness

5. Ensure that the Health and Safety System implemented is kept up to date:
Vlame OHS Services will be responsible for ensuring that the system implemented at your company is of the highest standard and that it is updated with the latest amendments of the Act at all times

6. Safety Representative Appointment:
Vlame OHS Services will ensure that a Health & Safety Representative, duly elected by his/her co-workers, is appointed. The Health & Safety Representative will be trained and monitored regarding the proper manner and frequency of safety inspections and meetings.

7. Register and Records:
Vlame OHS Services will implement all legally required registers/records and train the relevant Health & Safety Representatives, operators, etc. in the proper maintenance of these registers/records.

8. Consultant visits:
A consultant of Vlame OHS Services will visit the site on a monthly basis to conduct inspections and audits. These inspections will be conducted throughout the entire workplace, covering all aspects of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations.

9. Risk Assessments: Task Analysis
Vlame OHS Services will provide the required task analysis and risk assessments throughout the designated workplace in terms of health, safety and environment.

10. Representation:
Vlame OHS Services will represent the employer in the event of legal proceedings as well as in the event of the Department of Labour inquiries or inspections.

Vlame OHS Services can also be contacted at all times to provide advice to the employer on all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85, 1993 or the Construction Regulations, 2003.

Vlame OHS Services guarantees that it will provide your company with a service of the highest quality regarding Occupational Health & Safety.

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