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By: Ulundi Protection Services  11-11-2011
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Duties we can take care of

  • Guarding & patrol

  • Armed response

  • Events security

  • Cash in transits

  • Access control

  • Equipment and image

The image of our guards is an important reflection on our organisation. They are issued with uniforms, firearms, handcuffs, communication devices, torches, batons etc. A fully operational, twenty-four hour control room is in place. We can also install equipment such as CCTV surveillance cameras on site. The client may of course require of us to operate existing facilities instead.

Mode of operation

Supervisors monitor the progress of officers at all sites and report to an operational manager. The operational manager is always in contact with the supervisor, through radio and mobile communications, to assess the effectiveness of the service provided by officers on duty. We have competent people responsible for operations as well as services. They ensure that there is ongoing communication with clients. Appropriate action is always taken - during the whole term - to respond to the client's needs.

Ulundi protection services cc. is a fully-fledged security Company and various services are on offer to discerning clients who wish to have their security needs completely satisfied and controlled from a central point. Apart from the more traditional guarding services provided by the Company, the service encompasses a central computerized Control Centre for alarm monitoring service and electronic surveillance.

Bullet-proof jackets, bugging and debugging technology, camera equipment, torches, investigative lenses, Tele-recorders, video- and emergency equipment completes the range of security necessities the Company has at its disposal. All our vehicles are equipped with two- way radio communication, complete with a privacy channel, which is relayed via a telecommunication repeater system for the greater Durban Region and Management is equipped with cellular phones to achieve optimum service levels to clients. Information to and from clients is captured on a Millennium- compatible computer network, which enables fast and reliable interaction between themselves and our management team.

The Company installs electronic guard monitoring devices at all its clients to ensure security officers do patrols according to the job description. Apart from giving regular feedback to our Central Control Room, the device ensures that the officer is awake, a characteristic which appeals specifically to our clients making use of nightshift officers. Computer printouts are available to clients to monitor the officer's activity after-hours, and possibly clear up any discrepancy that may arise as a result thereof

Close Protection (Bodyguards)

Our Close Protection Officers are fully trained and undergo training on a regular base to maintain their level of sharpness, fitness and tactical experience. All our officers have field experience, knowledge, wisdom from previous operations and assignments that have been carried out.


The type of service we offer

Ulundi Protection Services cc. Guarding Division specialises in rendering professional and effective guarding and high risk protection services to a variety of businesses and private individuals. Our strength lies in the fact that the strictest criteria apply in both the selection and training programme to ensure the personnel conform to the following standards:

  • Well groomed, confident and well spoken

  • Trained in general security duties, as well as references to our client's specific situation and requirements

  • The correct and legal use of firearms

  • Correct search and arrest procedures

  • Effective access control

  • Armed/Unarmed tactical protection and Management threat force

  • Threat level evaluation

  • Critical incident related training

Ulundi Protection Services cc. specializes in the following:

  • Access Control

  • Dedicated, pro-active community protection services

  • Townhouse protection, security for road closures

  • Highly trained guards: armed and unarmed on 12/24-hour shift basis

  • All our guards are carefully vetted and are registered with the SIRA

  • Business applications: opening and closing

  • Commercial, industrial, retail, hotel, residential and hospital security

  • Corporate protection

  • Armed Escorts

  • Emergency temporary guards

  • Special events - armed/unarmed guards for short or long term assignments

  • VIP/Executive protection (Bodyguards)

  • Professional after sales services

Keywords: Guards, Protection Services, Security

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