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By: Triple J Consulting (Risk Management Consultants)  03-27-2011
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Our Services

Integrated and individual discipline based management systems: 

  • Implementation of an Integrated Safety, Health and Environmental, Quality and Risk Management System (SHERQ /SHE / SHEQ) tailor made to suit client needs and legal requirements.
  • Implementation of management system for an individual discipline such as safety.

The system will be designed in accordance with:

  • the latest legal aspects to ensure your organisation is legally compliant with the relevant legal and other statutory requirements.
  • client specifications
  • nature of business, scope and complexity of work

It shall include, but not limited to the following elements:

  • Strategic direction -  policies, values and objectives, scope and vision
  • Planning -  standards, procedures, programs ,protocols, contingency planning,  initiatives, legal registers
  • Organising – identification and allocation of specific and cost effective resources and facilities required to implement and maintain the management system.
  • Control – document control and record keeping,  inspection and testing, physical observations, investigations, physical risk control techniques, action planning, behavioural based safety initiatives
  • Evaluation - performance reviews, trend analysis, reporting, gap analysis audits, corrective action and evaluation of effectiveness  
  • Feedback -  reporting,  communication, reward and recognition programs
  • Continuous Improvement - initiatives and lessons learnt programs to prevent recurrences of losses relating to injuries, damage to property and the environment.


Internal and External Auditing

The member are certified in carrying out audits per discipline as required by the client. Auditing is essential to identify, assess, rectify and evaluate the company’s business performance and analyse the progress towards safety excellence as desired.

The following types of audits are provided by us:

  • legislative
  • corporate governance and climate change
  • procedural
  • operational compliance, gap analysis and continuous improvement.

Risk Management

  • 4 Step risk management process - Identification, assessment, control and evaluation of hazards and associated risks arising in and out of the workplace, with an aim to minimise or reduce risks to an acceptable level using reasonably practicable approaches.
  • Critical task analysis
  • Risk qualitative and quantitative techniques
  • Risk surveys to identify those factors (pure risks) that may have a negative impact on business performance
  • Co-ordination of the corrective action plan and risk methodologies to rectify deviations.
  • Loss prevention studies to minimise costs which may occur as a result of uncontrolled risks.

 Incident / Accident Investigation

  • Investigation of incidents of various categories and impact assessments thereof.
  • Root cause analysis with an aim to provide appropriate preventative and corrective action.
  • Lessons learnt program based on incident investigation / injury management trends.

Management and Administration

  • Compilation of health and safety files/plans in accordance to the OSHACT 85/1993 Construction Regulations.
  • Facilitate administration related functions - attend health, safety, environmental management meetings, progress meetings, consultations, briefings, presentations, etc. on the client’s behalf.
  • Facilitate site based health and safety related activities – site inspections, unscheduled walkabouts, on site coaching
  • Conduct Workmen’s Compensation related tasks with regard to medical examinations for employees, injury management and return to work programs


  • Training management - needs analysis, budget
  • Conduct safety talks, site inductions and pre-job briefings on the client’s behalf.
  • Facilitate external risk management, health, safety and environmental related training for staff and contractors as per legal and site specific requirements.

Emergency Management

  • Conduct fire risks assessments
  • Implementation of a Fire Prevention and Control Program
  • Emergency Planning
  • Measurement and Monitoring -  fire drills, fire reports, fire equipment inspections
  • Fire risk surveys with risk improvement recommendations made.
  • Fire  training ( fire equipment, evacuation procedures, fire plans ,etc)

Keywords: Health and Safety Consultants, Risk Management consutants

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