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By: Trading Point  07-07-2011
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Earning from Trading while Learning

Trading has developed into a sustainable business opportunity with very low overheads. More and more individuals are challenged with the idea of earning money by trading the financial markets in their own time without the pressures and stresses of running a business. Many more see trading as an opportunity to supplement their pensions or income by becoming proficient in trading.

Many traders have been ‘tempted’ into trading the derivatives markets with the promise of a quick and easy return. Amateur traders quickly learn that without the required discipline, strategies and correct psychological approach the ability to make a sustainable and consistent profit becomes very difficult.

Trading point has been established to satisfy the requirements of individuals who want to trade the derivative and forex markets for a living. Trading point aims to guide the trader into becoming a successful trader with consistent and profitable returns by introducing them to a TRADING ROOM (physical room or internet based) where support is offered.

The benefit of joining Trading Point is to equip you to earn a sustainable living through trading world markets by participating in a trading room with proven success and enjoying continuous support from traders with many years of market experience.


  • Participating in a Live Trading Room.
  • Trading Point Web Communication.
  • Live Charts and strategy discussed with real time audio continuously through the day.
  • Trades executed by Trading Point are shown live and explained on Trading Point communication with targets and stop losses.
  • Social Trading Environment. Benefit from trading with likeminded traders.
  • Free Support.
  • Continual educational support meeting once a month.
  • Individual coaching.

Trade the following instruments: 

  • Contracts for difference
  • Single Stock Futures
  • International Indices
  • Various Currency Pairs

The success of any profitable trading room is that all participants are “talking the same language” and are:   

  • Implementing stop losses. Stop losses are calculated daily and implemented accordingly.
  • Target traders. Each participant needs to know when to take profits before they enter a trade.
  • Doing their homework. Each participant needs to know where they are in the market and know they are going.
  • Trading in the same direction. Each participant needs to agree on the trend and go long and short accordingly.
  • Identifying setups and triggers. Each participant needs to know exactly when to enter and exit a trade.

Every member of the trading room needs to be proficient in trading in order to belong to the team so the participant needs to be taught the following to qualify:


This foundation is aimed at “getting everyone on the same page”. Whether a novice or a seasoned trader this foundation will place you in a position to execute trades. The focus for the three days will be on EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, ALSI, DOW and FTSE.

Trade while you learn with no risk

 The following will be discussed and practiced in a simulated trading environment.


1. Identifying and trading with the trend. 

Your chances of making money are 30% when trading against the trend. The success of trend identification is getting different period moving averages and oscillators telling you what to do at the same time. The following tools are taught and applied for trend identification:

                a. Trend Lines.

b. Fan lines.

c. Oscillators.

d. Wave counts.

2. Know where you are in the market. 

Once you know where you are, it is simple to predict where you are going. The following studies are taught and applied for future direction.

                a. Wave counts.

                b. Moving averages.

                c. Oscillators.

                d. Fans.

3. Setting targets.

Target traders make 60% more money than anyone else. Know when to get out of a trade (profit or loss) before entering depending on the time cycle being traded. Know intra-day where the trading instrument will find support and resistance for the day. The following instruments are taught and applied for target traders:

                a. First opening Fibonacci retracement.

                b. Moving Fibonacci retracements to identify targets.

                c. Moving averages.

                d. Using trend lines to find support and resistance levels based on different time frames.

4. Stop Losses.

Stop losses need to be adjusted daily depending on the volatility of the market. The trader would know the following at the beginning of each day:

                a. Maximum expectancy.

                b. Minimum expectancy.

                c. Stop loss.

5. Identifying setups and triggers.

Once the trend has been identified the trader needs to wait for a setup to trade depending on the time frame that will be traded.Once the setup is identified a trigger needs to be given to execute the trade. The following is used for setups and triggers:

                a. Moving averages.

                b. Oscillators.

                c. Support and resistance.

6. Developing a trading plan.

Every good trader has a written plan. The following plans will be developed.

                a. Money management plan.

                b. Trading plan.

                c. Trading diary.

Contact us for a free, no obligation trading session so that you can experience the strategies in action first hand and watch us trade profitably with real money.

Keywords: Forex Trading, Money Management, Stock Market Education, Technical Analysis, trading

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