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By: Tracker  11-11-2011
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Tracker Retrieve is the world’s most successful stolen vehicle recovery device. It is an easy to use and cost-effective solution whereby you notify us if your vehicle has been stolen. With a simple phone call to Tracker’s 24-hour National Secure Operating Centre (0800 13 23 23), you set into action a chain of events which will more than likely result in the return of your stolen vehicle.


  • Tracker enjoys a unique partnership with the South African Police Service (SAPS), which operates on a nationwide basis in South Africa.
  • Tracker provides the SAPS with an effective, internationally-proven weapon in the war against vehicle crime.
  • Tracker is the only fully comprehensive Stolen Vehicle Recovery System used in conjunction with the SAPS.
  • Tracker has achieved more recoveries which has led to more arrests than any tracking company in Africa.
  • The tracking unit can only be activated or deactivated by Tracker's National Secure Operating Centre.
  • Tracker is suitable for all vehicles and approved by motor manufacturers
  • Tracker is one of the most affordable systems available on the market
  • Tracker is one of the fastest growing systems, with more than 10 000 units being installed every month.
  • When you install Tracker, you could qualify for a substantial discount on your insurance premiums or an incentive from your insurance company.
  • Tracker's network covers 98% of South Africa's population
  • Tracker has some 1 300 vehicles and 50 aircraft in its arsenal.

How does it work?

Important note

If your car is stolen by an experienced car theft syndicate, it is likely that they will strip your vehicle as soon as possible, in search of the unit. This means, the sooner you contact us, the quicker we can activate your unit and the better our chance of recovering your vehicle.

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