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By: Texkimp  11-11-2011
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Creels for unwinding either over the end of a stationary package or unrolling from a rotating package.

Unrolling Creels

Rotating package creels that eliminate the insertion of undesirable twist in the yarn, cord, tape or fibre tow during unwinding.

Over-End Unwinding Creels

Stationary package creels where the yarn, cord, tape or fibre is pulled over the end of the package. This unwinding method introduces twist which varies progressively from a full to empty package, as the unwinding diameter reduces.


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Creel Accessories

Information and technical specifications on Texkimp's extensive range of creel accessories. Texkimp supply a complete range of accessories for the unwinding, tensioning and guiding of all types of yarn, cord, tape or fibres.

Swivel combs

Centre pivoting action, defines the setting of the thread or tows across the sheet, enabling fine adjustment of the sheet width and spacing between fibre tows.

Straight combs

Ceramic coated pins fixed into a ceramic coated base bar, allowing the threads or tows to run in contact with and to deviate round the bar.

Expanding combs

Allow stepless variation of sheet width and spacing between threads or tows, incorporating a number of independent combs sections.


Inclinably Adjustable

Allowing alteration of thread or tow density across the sheet width.

Steplessly Adjustable

A concept unique to Texkimp, providing centralised adjustment (manual or powered) of both inclination and spacing of the guide bars.

Fixed Width

For precise sheet width and thread spacing in conformity to the geometry of the creel and the specification of the product.

Universally Adjustable

Providing manual adjustment and maximum flexibility when setting the yarn sheet.


Plain faced rollers

Turn sheets of tows, upwards or downwards, through large angles in short distances, providing considerable space saving in the process line.

Grooved rollers

Effectively change the direction of sheets of parallel tows through more than one plane, both vertically and horizontally without rubbing friction.

Guide bar and full package simulation bars

Non-rotating supports over which fibre and thread sheets run and deviate.


End Break / Lost End Detection

SM-B end break detection system - Beam Type

The SM-B end break detection system is a completely non-contact system used to detect end breaks across a sheet of running ends. The system can be placed at various points in the process as multiple beams can be inter-connected and placed in close proximity to one another.

SM-D end break detection system - Dropper Type

The SM-D end break detection system is an electro-mechanical system used to detect end break across a sheet of running ends. The system can be placed at various points in the process and multiple banks can be inter-connected.

Thread Guides and Special Coatings

Thread Guides

A wide range of closed eyelet and quick thread guides make from metal, ceramic, porcelain and plastic.

CLT (closed loop tension) control system

The CLT system allows the automatic control of an unrolling creel’s tension from either a measurement taken in the downstream process or from the changing package diameter during unwinding.

Package holders and adapters

A wide range of injection moulded and machined package holders and adapters is available for tubes ranging in internal diameter from 50mm(2”) up to 150mm (6”). Texkimp also have a range of pneumatically expandable package holders.


Package Handling

Handling solutions specifically designed and developed to assist creel operators and improve quality and efficiency.

Package Gripper

The package gripper is a simple device that makes the handling of packages easier and safer for the operator. The gripper is suitable for various tube materials and is adjustable for all types of packages. Using such a handling accessory also helps to protect packages from damage.


TX - Overhead Rail Lifter

TX - Overhead Rail Lifter System

The TX overhead rail package lifter system takes the strain away from the operators during creel loading or winder doffing. This lifter unit is designed for easy mounting on twin rails. The unit is supplied with a well balanced package manipulator to articulate packages from vertical to horizontal.

Keywords: Tows