TAFTA old age frail care for the elderly - services

By: Tafta  11-11-2011

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All TAFTA services are geared to promoting the welfare and happiness of aged people, and alleviating distress and hardship.

Although we run several homes for the aged in and around Durban, our goal is to encourage elderly men and women to live as independent members of the community in their own homes for as long as possible.

We do this by offering support services such as:

  • Laundry scheme (fresh sheets, pillow cases and towels supplied weekly)
  • Respite care (short term care and rehabilitation after an operation or illness, or when care-givers need to take a break)
  • Advisory clinics (blood pressure testing, dressings, injections, glucose monitoring, etc)

Because most of these services are either free or subsidised to allow access by elderly people with limited means - we rely heavily on support from caring individuals and local business.

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TAFTA old age frail care for the elderly - service

Our social clubs and service centres play an important role in providing a safe place to meet new friends, enjoy a good meal at a very affordable price, and participate in activities such as bingo, bridge, calligraphy, dancing and handcrafts. Greenwood Park Club Geriatric Clinic cnr Firwood/ Effingham Roads. TAFTA transport provided to members at a small charge. Talks by the City Health Dept. Health Educator.


TAFTA old age frail care for the elderly - shop

What's more, when you shop at Granny's Attic, you're also helping to care for needy pensioners, because proceeds from the shop help provide items not usually donated, such as hotplates, blankets and underwear. If you're looking for second-hand bargains, be sure to visit our charity shop, Granny's Attic, situated at street level at Kings Hall in Samora Machel Street.