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By: Tafta  11-11-2011
Keywords: Bingo, Handicrafts

Keeping active .. Making friends

For many elderly people – especially those who are fit and active – loneliness is the greatest problem. Our social clubs and service centres play an important role in providing a safe place to meet new friends, enjoy a good meal at a very affordable price, and participate in activities such as bingo, bridge, calligraphy, dancing and handcrafts.

Most charge a small monthly membership fee, and are open Monday to Friday. Please consult the table below for full details.



Daily activities

Opening times

Anna Conradie Service Centre
Tafta Lodge 42
South Beach Ave

Tel: 031 337 0163 or
031 337 4401

  • Midday meals and teas at a nominal charge
  • Tuckshop
  • Bring 'n Buy shop
  • Hairdresser
  • Chiropodist
  • Bowls
  • bridge
  • table tennis
  • tile rummy
  • bingo
  • scrabble
  • variety group
  • copper work classes
  • art
  • fellowship
  • Bible study
  • dancing
  • entertainment
  • exercises
  • quizzes
  • birthday parties
  • communion service
  • concerts
  • handicraft classes and competitions.

Mon-Thurs 7.30am - 4pm Friday 7.30am - 1pm

Mary Asher Service Centre
1st Floor, Kings Hall Aliwal Street

Tel: 031 337 7769

  • Midday meals and teas at a nominal charge
  • Library
  • Chiropodist
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Bingo
  • Cards
  • Darts
  • Table tennis
  • Indoor bowls with competitions
  • Outings.

Monday to Saturday

Athena Cultural Club 5th Floor, Kings Hall Aliwal Street

Tel: 031 332 7890

  • Teas and lunches at a nominal charge
  • Hand and Foot care
  • Talks
  • Group discussions,
  • Quizzes
  • Classical music
  • Documentary videos.
  • Bridge
  • Scrabble
  • Crochet and knitting circle

Monday to Friday

Oldfield Service Centre
29 Perseverance Road

Tel: 031 465 9268

  • A three-course midday meal is served at a nominal charge
  • Hairdresser
  • Footcare
  • Medicine collection
  • Health clinic every friday morning.
  • Indoor bowls
  • Cards
  • Bingo
  • Darts
  • Table tennis
  • Snooker
  • Outings

Monday to Friday

Ray Hulett Service Centre
Ray Hulett House Acutt Street

Tel: 031 304 7390 or
031 304 7440 

  • Midday meals are provided and there is a tuckshop
  • Library
  • Lounge with TV
  • Hairdresser
  • Handicrafts
  • Bingo
  • Cards
  • Entertainment

Open daily

Greenwood Park Club Geriatric Clinic
cnr Firwood/ Effingham Roads

Tel: 031 564 1211

  • Meals provided at a nominal charge
  • Clinic
  • TAFTA transport provided to members at a small charge
  • Bingo
  • Jumble sale
  • Sales table
  • Talks by the City Health Dept. Health Educator
  • Functions

Open Thursdays

Primrose Service Centre
John Dunn House 224 Austerville Drive Austerville Wentworth

Tel: 031 468 5691

  • Teas and lunches at a nominal fee
  • State Old Age pensions are paid out at the Centre
  • Transport to City Health Clinic on Thursdays
  • Bingo
  • Handicrafts
  • Videos
  • Darts
  • Indoor bowls
  • Outings
  • Entertainment

Open Monday to Friday 7.30am – 2.30pm

Wider Horizon Club

Tel: 031 332 3721

  • Outings arranged for the housebound and frail aged.

Jolly Hearts Club Glen Earle Clinic
260 John Dory Road Newlands East

Tel: 031 577 7503

  • Meals are provided at a nominal charge
  • TAFTA transport provided at a small charge
  • Bingo
  • Handicrafts
  • Talks by the City Health Dept, Health Educator

Open Tuesdays

Bluff Social Club Methodist Church Lighthouse Road Bluff

Tel: 031 332 3721

  • Teas
  • TAFTA transport provided where necessary
  • Friendly get-togethers with various activities and entertainment

Mondays 9am – 12 noon

Sydenham Sunshine Care Centre
St John's Anglican Church
Rippon Road

Tel: 031 208 2046

  • Midday meal provided at a nominal charge
  • TAFTA transport to the club
  • Bingo
  • Outings
  • Educational talks

Fridays 8am – 12 noon

Keywords: Bingo, Handicrafts

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TAFTA old age frail care for the elderly - services

Although we run several homes for the aged in and around Durban, our goal is to encourage elderly men and women to live as independent members of the community in their own homes for as long as possible. All TAFTA services are geared to promoting the welfare and happiness of aged people, and alleviating distress and hardship. We do this by offering support services such as.


TAFTA old age frail care for the elderly - shop

What's more, when you shop at Granny's Attic, you're also helping to care for needy pensioners, because proceeds from the shop help provide items not usually donated, such as hotplates, blankets and underwear. If you're looking for second-hand bargains, be sure to visit our charity shop, Granny's Attic, situated at street level at Kings Hall in Samora Machel Street.